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Hitman three Looks Incredibly Good In VR

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Hitman Three and the assassinations

Assassinations have never been very personal. Another new trailer for the upcoming Hitman three has been shared, this time showcasing Agent 47’s exploits in mind blowing VR. The release of Hitman three in a few weeks’ time will conclude the Word of Assassination trilogy, and it looks set to draw the player on a completely immersive final experience.

While the majority of the planet might have come to a grinding halt, Agent forty seven is still globetrotting as it has 2019. IOI has already shared snippets from several of the spectacular locations that are actually in store for fans of the Hitman series in this final and third hurrah. From the moody neon lit streets of Chongqing to the leafy grounds of rural England, Hitman three players will have the ability to experience the jet set lifestyle once more this January.

Get a First Look at Hitman 3 in VR | GameGrin
Hitman Three in VR

Now another teaser for Hitman three has been released, this time focusing on the awesome use of VR during gameplay. PlayStation shared the trailer, that shows off just how captivating the gameplay is going to be when experienced through the eyes of Agent forty seven. While viewers may not catch a glimpse of the protagonist’s trademark barcoded bald head, this’s undoubtedly a Hitman game. Fans of the series is going to know fully just how anything that Agent forty seven gets the hands of his on can be converted into a weapon, and this’s also the situation from a first person perspective. With the use of everything from a doctored syringe to a soon to be bloody meat cleaver shown during the clip, gamers are actually offered an even more up personal and close Hitman experience. Even a piano is actually a deadly assassination tool when used in the right hands.

VR is not the only new feature coming to Hitman three

VR It’s not simply the new levels within Hitman three that could be experienced in VR mode, however. The previous 2 entries to the series will also be opened up with the release of the third instalment. Which means that players can once more visit the breath taking vistas of Hokkaido or perhaps dip the feet of theirs in the crystal clear waters of the Maldives. Assassinations or perhaps no assassinations, this’s definitely a tempting prospect right now.

VR is not the only brand new feature coming to Hitman three. A video was recently shared that showed off the new “persistent shortcuts” available within the game’s levels. In a style that many may recognize from games like Bloodborne, forty seven can release ladders throughout the missions of his, that will allow the player to revisit previous areas from a brand new angle. It will set up creative and new ways for fans to get their targets set in the sights of theirs, for some really epic takedowns.

Hitman Three in VR
Hitman Three in VR

IOI have announced that Hitman three will be its last venture to the worlds of Agent and Diana forty seven, at least for the foreseeable future. From now on, the company is actually setting the focus of its on the own take of its on the James Bond series. That said, the company certainly looks to be sending the Hitman series out in style though.

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Hitman 3 feels like a well-deserved victory lap for IO's series •
Hitman Three in VR
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