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Fortnite Dataminers Discover Upcoming Coliseum Map Change

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Epic Games appears to have more plans for the Colossal Coliseum point of interest introduced to Fortnite in Chapter 2 Season 5.


Fortnite Players

The holiday season top as many as New Year ‘s Day is for sure a peaceful body for Fortnite players. Epic Games is usually on a year long schedule delivering updates, new content, videos, and much more. But for these past several weeks, Fortnit is ready to carry a deep breath. Today, it looks like the Fortnit articles factory is whirling back up. Dataminers have once again begun to learn planned changes inside the fight royale’s files. Next up seems to be another add-on to Fortnite’s Coliseum area.

Fortnite’s Coliseum leak is from visible dataminer Mang0e, who states they found a thing in the 15.10 patch out mid December. Of all the documents, but not presently used in game, is a variant with the Coliseum’s combat grounds. The change replenishes the sands on the Coliseum with clean water instead, instead featuring 2 different longboats and different lengths of docks placed between them. The alternative Coliseum will provide a much more dynamics establishing for Fortnite players to fight.


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Mang0e also notes that this particular change might be influenced directly from history. It has been recognized that Romans previously filled the real Coliseum with h20 plus held a simulated naval fight featuring fleets of ships & warriors battling for supremacy. Epic Games seems to be attempting to replicate the idea in Fortnite, although clearly in an foolish and less brutal and brutal means. Maybe if Epic make players get the ships available, it would be a little much more conventional of a Coliseum encounter.


What Is Epic’s Program

The Coliseum change out of the sand floor to a bath floor clearly has not been made in game. Additionally, it is not clear what Epic’s program is designed for the alternative Coliseum plan will be. Since the floor have been in the game documents for awhile now, but has not been referenced yet, it is probable it is a legacy file which wound up being passed over. It is also likely that the Coliseum opportunity will be utilized in a single of Fortnit future spots.

Fortnit Colossal Coliseum was inserted as the effort of attention inside the game’s Chapter two Season five update. Its layout changes each time it spawns, so getting a different rotating floor is not a lot of a shock. If anything, it is a surprise this floor has not been included already. Epic appears to have additional plans for any Fortnit Coliseum but, however.

2021 is sure to be another huge 12 months for Fortnite as Epic Games will continue to roll out brand new content patches because of the game. New seasons are but assured, and perhaps a new chapter will likely be nearby, also. Expect much more Fortnit information for 2021 to are available in the weeks ahead.

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