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Breath Of The Wild Players Are Still Coming Up With Amazingly Creative Solutions For Literally Everything

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One Breath of the Wild player decided the stasis rune wasn’t for them, and came up with an alternate way to complete a shrine.

Breath Of The Wild
Breath Of The Wild

Breath Of The Wild

When Nintendo introduced The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild throughout 2017, it smashed the mildew for just a Zelda game. Long gone were the linear playthroughs having a progression of increased skill and difficulty. In place was a new and vast open world Hyrule which may be investigated in any fashion, form, or maybe type players desired. Generally there is not even an irritating and wise owl getting in the manner as you attempt to get on with clearing the kingdom of the perils of its (and we are able to all be happy about that).

This world of play that is open doesn’t just extend towards the map ‘s places, however. Even the way one engages together with the Breath of Wild puzzles is totally up to the own play style of yours. From the wise utilization of bombs to roll-out Link skyward to coming boulders down a rocky overhang in to an unsuspecting adversary camp, the choices are limitless.


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It might be simple to believe that all ways of game completion were tried and tried by now. All things considered, Breath of the Wild is out there for some time, and much more when compared to several new activities are introduced in that moment to bring players’ interest. And yet, fans continue to be finding fun different solutions to handle the planet of Hyrule. Reddit user Razor54672 shared the creative way of theirs of finishing one of the many in game shrines.

But no, needless to say it is not that simple. The calendars might hear 2021, but 2020 is even now being an extensive prick, as confirmed by this very poor Zelda player ‘s botched effort to cure it at the world for good. Take a look at the clip below.

Daqa Koh shrine

The Daqa Koh shrine within the Eldin area provides players a trial known as Stalled Flight. A substantial block with an electrical generator perched atop it appears within, periodically being set in motion up with the platform below and into an electric conductor. This surge of energy opens the gate on the monk in which, traditionally with a timely usage on the Stasis rune, players are able to glide Link through to claim the Spirit Orb. The strategy was very plebian for Razor54672, however. Rather, they utilized a well aimed Shock Arrow and completed the shrine inside a sprightly twenty six seconds.

This’s not the very first, and there’s little doubt it will not be the ultimate, innovative bit of gameplay being found above in Breath of the Wild. Gamers have previously discussed their ingenious (and incredibly amusing) means of ridding Hyrule on the Yiga Clan. Seeing the cocky ninjas currently being zapped and launched across the screen can be quite gratifying to watch, not to mention pull off.

This season the Zelda franchise turns thirty five, and expectations of a brand new game or even several rereleases a la Mario 3d All Stars (but better) are rather high. Will 2021 be the season which the sequel to Breath of the Wild at last comes to fruition? Only time will inform. For now, players can continue to maintain the great times coming with much more eclectic gameplay across Breath of the Wild ‘s playground of any map.

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