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Star Wars Battlefront 2 is free on the Epic Games Store next week

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 is coming soon 

Load you blasters and whip out your lightsabers, because Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the Epic Games Store’s big freebie next week. I think I quite liked that one, it had a well fun mode where you got to run around and beat people up as General Grievous. You’ll be able to claim it from Thursday the 14th January.

Before we get there though, this week’s free game is the tactical roguelite, Crying Suns.

Head over to the Epic Games Store to see the free stuff for yourself.

Crying Suns can be obtained to grab between now and January 14th at 4pm GMT (8am PT). It is a 2D strategy game in which you’ve to fight against space fleets and explore planets, and Sin thought was really good:

“Crying Suns has a great atmosphere. It’s a grim prospect but presented with a near-military matter-of-factness, which is entirely appropriate for both your character (a revived clone of a talented space admiral) and your advisor/boss the AI Kaliban, who, like all their kind, is extremely intelligent, well aware of it, and absolutely fine with working with humans anyway.”

Looking forward to next week, do make sure you pick up Star Wars Battlefront 2, if you fancy it. It’ll be free from January 14 until January 21st, and it’s one of the best Star Wars games on PC, sez us.

“If you’re after an authentic feeling, visually stunning romp through your favourite distant galaxy, then that’s one front on which the game doesn’t disappoint,” said Matt Cox .

It lost points in his multiplayer review, partly as a result of the loot crate fiasco which essentially made the game feel a bit pay-to-win. EA dumped those crates after a good deal of backlash ages ago, nonetheless, so they will not cause you any grief with this freebie.

Discover more on the official website and come over to my house Market 4 Game for latest news.

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