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AGDQ 2021 Reached $1 Million Faster Than Any Previous Event

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AGDQ 2021, Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 has raised $1 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation, achieving the milestone sooner than expected.

AGDQ 2021
AGDQ 2021

AGDQ 2021

This January saw the tenth anniversary of Games that are Awesome Done Quick. While the COVID 19 pandemic forced the popular charity group to reduce itself to being internet just, the fundraiser has all but suffered from the setback. A number of days before, it was announced AGDQ had passed one dolars million raised because of the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Games Done Quick is much coming from an odder to fundraising. Dating back so far as 2010, the charity business has kept 2 events a year, with another occasion actually being Summer Games Done Quick. Probably the most recent occasion, SGDQ 2020, was also forced to go online, though the group still managed to bring in 1dolar1 2.3 zillion of donations by more than 30,000 various donors. Before the pandemic, AGDQ 2020 nurtured a record breaking 1dolar1 3.13 zillion within donations.


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With AGDQ 2021, the recognized Games Done Quick Twitter bank account a short while ago discovered not just had the event passed one dolars million raised because of the Prevent Cancer Foundation but it’d established a brand new own ideal for the quickest ADGQ to attain the milestone. With the COVID 19 pandemic in full swing and everybody doing their utmost to quarantine, it is not completely shocking to see the gaming group unite to fight Cancer.

Out of curiosity, a Twitter end user within the comment thread inquired if one dolars million had been hit faster inside any SGDQ before. Games Done Quick confirmed that AGDQ 2021 was really the fastest GDQ event in general to accomplish the million dollar milestone. With the aftermath of pandemic becoming a tense time for many folks across the globe, it is wonderful to see that 2021 is off of to a relatively good start.

What About donations ?

Even though some believe the donations must go towards lesser known illnesses, it is really cool to find out that individuals are starting to be much more open to donating for a much better cause. With the additional fact that the newest GDQ was completely online only, it is obvious that Games Done Quick has not sacrificed some steam. With the COVID 19 vaccine slowly entering blood circulation around the world, SGDQ might envision a go back to in person functions and an even higher quantity of support of the cause.

Fellow supporters and speedrunners wanting to donate or join in on watching the different games done quick do not have much time prior to the festivities end. This year ‘s ADGQ started on January three and it is placed to end on January ten, and every donation made adds to the subsequent milestone. For all those that cannot survive in period, GDQ posts all of the extraordinary feats and speedruns of gaming prowess over the Games Done Quick YouTube channel. Which contains an incredible attempt at a near 25 minute Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice speedrun through the #1 as well as #3 players of the game within the planet.

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