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Genshin Impact’s Ganyu Receives New Side Quest This Week

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Genshin Impact : New Side

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

Out with the old and in with the latest, Genshin Impact is actually losing its Albedo banner and preparing to welcome Ganyu into the fray. With the event of her nearby and expected on January twelve, the secretary for the Liyue Qixing will also get a new side story mission on the same date.

Genshin Impact has fallen into a very good, and predictable, pattern of introducing us to characters that are new in the main story quests and then releasing them in the coming updates. You will find a number of four star characters we have not met yet, but the five stars are accounted for as Mihoyo builds excitement around every launch. Ganyu was no different, and we had been introduced to her in chapter one, act 2 shortly after reaching Liyue.

Ganyu, like other banner characters, will get a more fleshed out story in her new sidequest this Tuesday. As a devout follower of Rex Lapis and half human, half adeptus, she is an intriguing character. Several of the physical appearance of her reflects that as Ganyu sports horns and characteristics only found in the gods of Teyvat.


Ganyu’s side story, titled Sinae Unicornis Chapter, is going to be available to travelers that have reached Adventure Rank forty or perhaps above and completed the Archon Quest, Chapter one: Act III – A New Star Approaches. In the event that you are already over Adventure Rank twenty six, you need to have unlocked the story quest feature, which is going to allow you to complete daily quests in exchange for keys. You will get one key for every 8 daily commissions completed, so save those up to unlock additional missions for the favorite party members of yours.

While Mihoyo has not explicitly said Ganyu releases on January twelve, it is assumed she’ll and this date for her side quest all but confirms it. The normal pattern of these items is the fact that within the hour of one banner ending, another begins. We saw it with the transition from Zhongli to Albedo, and expect to see it once again here.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

Ganyu is going to join the ranks of Cryo element and bow users in the banner of her this week. And since she has got her own special five star banner, she will be a limited pull. If you would like the adorable goat female, make sure you stock up on Primogems and start pulling for her before time runs out.

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