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Super Meat Boy Forever Critics Are Split on the Sequel’s Gameplay Changes

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Super Meat Boy Forever Critics

Super Meat Boy Forever is a departure from its predecessor. Rather than being a tough-as-nails traditional platformer, it is a challenging auto runner that you will need some tips and tricks to get through. The game released last month for The Epic and nintendo Switch Games Store, even though no specific date has been announced for its PlayStation or perhaps Xbox launches, Team Meat says it is going to be available early this year.

CBR’s own review says it does not reach the heights of the original, but it is still one of probably the best auto runners available. Here is what other critics are actually saying about the game.

Mike Epstein, Gamespot: “Forever’s finely tuned controls give you accurate control and a broad range of motion even with just a few inputs. While you control all 3 moves with only one button and the left analog stick, there’s incredible nuance to each one…It isn’t enough to press the right button at the proper time; you’ve to have the ability to really feel how far you are going to jump depending on just how long you press. Internalizing and exploring the controls of yours so they are second nature is actually a telltale sign of mastery in most platformers, but it is a prerequisite in Forever.”

Ben Reeves, Game Informer: “This Meat Boy is actually called’ Forever’ since its levels are procedurally generated, which means you are able to theoretically play the game endlessly. Procedurally generated games often lack that hand crafted feel, but Super Meat Boy Forever’s levels flow seamlessly together in ways that usually feel natural. Each level is actually composed of fragments taken from a pool of more than 7,000 bite sized platforming sections, which means that every player gets a unique experience. After I finished one playthrough, I generated a new range of levels and was shocked by just how different they felt.”

Chris Moyse, Destructoid: “While the new jigsaw style stages remain difficult, even exhilarating, more often than not success in SMBF feels as a matter of trial-and-error. Not implemented in the same sense of the original SMB, where a player must plot and then execute a safe path through a hazard filled environment, but by forcing the hero of ours to charge headlong into strings of unseen obstacles, thrown at the player courtesy of SMBF’s speed scrolling nature.”

Scott Baird, Screen Rant: “The only true bright spot in Super Meat Boy Forever is the boss stages. These’re well crafted, beautifully animated, and challenging in a manner that makes them rewarding to defeat. More of this – the sort of intentional, intelligently designed bursts of gameplay that the first Super Meat Boy was almost entirely made up of – would’ve gone a long way, and it is clear from the bosses that it was possible with Super Meat Boy Forever.”

super Meat Boy Forever Critics
super Meat Boy Forever Critics

PJ O’Reilly, Nintendo Life: “It all leads to a game that is very easy to jump directly into — but let us be clear, this one starts off only and hard gets tougher. Certainly, the painfully exacting nature of old school Super Meat Boy is actually alive and well in this follow up and although you might not now have complete control more than the way you move through levels, Team Meat has designed some fiendishly difficult level chunks which are actually thrown at you in random combinations that’ll have you absolutely pulling the hair of yours out at points — in fact, we managed to die over 150 times during one especially nasty boss battle.”

Brock McLaughlin, CG Magazine: “Two buttons should be easy enough to master but they are not. I discovered myself fumbling with the controls trying to make the way of mine through each level. This game is really tough. Meatboy was made to be murdered over and over again. I am honestly surprised my Switch survived me playing this game, as not having a directional pad in handheld mode didn’t help make this game any easier.”

Lyle Carr, God Is actually a Geek: “As much as I enjoyed the time of mine with Super Meat Boy Forever, it is difficult to ignore how disappointing it’s that the sequel moved away from platforming perfection to a genre associated with mobile gaming. Swapping from the precision control of the first game to having less control by design is actually a difficult decision to stomach, especially after over a decade of waiting.”

A.J. Maciejewski, Video Chums: “One aspect about Super Meat Boy Forever that is awesome is actually that it consists of twenty fully animated cutscenes that star Meat Boy, Bandage Girl and their baby Nugget. These feature the familiar gross humor that fans have come to expect, and they are pretty amusing to watch, particularly in case you are familiar with the traditional game cutscenes that are actually being parodied in several of them such as the opening of Super Mario RPG.”

super Meat Boy Forever Critics
super Meat Boy Forever Critics

William Schwartz, Attack of the Fanboy: “Super Meat Boy Forever is a disappointing follow up to one of the greatest platformers of all time. A drastic change from traditional platformer to auto runner leaves a bad taste. in case you are not familiar with the original, there is a good game to enjoy here, however, if you had been looking for something that improves upon that previously established formula you will be left scratching the head of yours as to why the extreme changes to gameplay were made.”

James Cunningham, Hardcore Gamer: “Super Meat Boy Forever is an extremely polished and fully worthwhile sequel to the platforming classic. While it is a different beast because of being an auto runner, it uses the seeming simplicity of the genre to allow the player to do a great deal of things that are complex. Each section of the game is actually created around a specific move set, and things can quickly get complicated when you just have to be concerned aproximatelly 2 buttons. Super Meat Boy Forever asks a great deal of the player but also makes sure they have got the tools to master its challenge while also being considerate enough to make each one approachable in bite sized chunks. A perfectly run level takes much less than a minute and is actually divided up into sections which are rarely longer than 10 seconds, but each second requires focus.”

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