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Latest Final Fantasy 11 Content Update Arrives 18 Years After Launch

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Square Enix prepares to roll out a variety of new content for its Final Fantasy 11 MMO, including new story missions and endgame challenges.

Final Fantasy 11
Final Fantasy 11

Final Fantasy 11 Content

Final Fantasy 11 ‘s life expectancy continues to shock. The MMORPG was initially launched in 2002, but stays played by audiences around the planet eighteen years later on. Part of what is led to Final Fantasy eleven still being living is that Square Enix continues to spend brand new content for it. 2021 remains that history, as Square Enix has already shown that it’ll be releasing brand new content in each February and January. Odds are, this will not be the last content upgrade for Final Fantasy eleven in 2021, or maybe even in later seasons.

Square Enix’s content upgrade plans for February and January will be substantial, too. To begin, Final Fantasy 11 players is going back to Sheol, as new Odyssey content will likely be rolled out there through February. Players is tasked to conquer Notorious Monsters under strict problems, that they will be compensated points for. These points may then be used up on upgrading gear. The participation requirements are intense, nonetheless, which includes having three jobs now level ninety nine, three Mogolophone 2s, plus a total Records of Eminence Objective: Content – Odyssey – Sheol C


Final Fantasy 11 To Get Story Expansions in 2021

Other Portion Of The Update

The other portion of the update is some new Final Fantasy eleven story content. Beginning inside February, Square Enix will be continuing the Voracious Resurgence situation. It will begin in San d’Oria as well as just which Square Enix is teasing is a screenshot of Rahal dance. Several latest Notorious Monsters will also be released in February and brand new gear for lockstyling.

Final Fantasy 11

As far as content updates go, it may not be as substantial as what’s being routinely released for Final Fantasy 14, but it’s way more than should be expected for an 18-year-old game. Story content as well as endgame content continues to be provided for Final Fantasy 11 players, and shows no sign of stopping.

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