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Poison Control Comes To PS4 And Switch In 2021,A New Gameplay Trailer is dropped by NIS America

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Poison Control is actually an upcoming

The gameplay from NIS America and it seems quite cool. The art style looks a great deal as Persona while the actual gameplay reminds me of something like Astral Chain. In the game, you and Poisonette share a body and go out to purify Belle’s Hells. This may be really fun to play through and in case you are interested, you are able to enter a giveaway from NIS where one grand prize winner will receive Poison Control Limited Edition with three more winners winning a regular edition of the game.

Poison Control
Poison Control

The player character and Poisonette, 2 souls within a single body, take turns controlling the body to purify Belle’s Hells by encircling poison mires, shooting poison bullets at enemies, and earning stickers upon successful purges to receive passage to Heaven. Getting close to Poisonette through bonding moments may also replace the end result of the story.

Poison Control Comes To PS4 And Switch In 2021 | RAGE Works
Poison Control

Fans are going to be in a position to play Poison Control on their Nintendo Switch and PS4 on April thirteen, Also it can be obtained via its official site. Stay tuned to Market 4 Games for news on the game along with other next gen games.


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