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Returnal Housecast Episode 3 Reveals New Gameplay Footage

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Returnal Housecast

Episode three of the Returnal HouseCast showcases more gameplay and delves into how the studio utilized PS5 tech to deliver probably the best experience

Returnal Housecast Episode 3
Returnal Housecast Episode 3

The newest episode of the Returnal “HouseCast” sees game director Harry Krueger return as a guest star and delve more people into the gameplay. Specifically the process of translating the trademark Housemarque action into 3D and how the studio stays true to the motto of theirs of “Gameplay First”:

We also learn a bit more on the way the studio takes advantage of the next gen tech to mold the gameplay experience of theirs. And from all the gameplay footage we are able to see in the video so much, their efforts are actually paying off in spades. Meanwhile you are able to take a look at the previous episode, in which the team discusses the game’s digs and origins into the way the studio is actually handling narrative.

Returnal follows Selene, an Astra space scout who is trapped in an endless loop on a planet. This’s the most recent game from Housemarque, a developer more known for bullet hell games like Super Resogun and Stardust. It was first announced back in June during PlayStation’s Future of Gaming showcase.

Returnal Housecast Episode 3
Returnal Housecast Episode 3

Over on the PlayStation Blog, we find some more details on the game. In addition to fast loading times, the game is going to take advantage of the DualSense and 3D audio controller’s haptic feedback. For each weapon you use, there’s a “alt fire” mode and you are able to switch to it using the adaptive triggers on the controller. As Housemarque points out, switching forth and back between “alt fire” and aiming down the sights of yours will be crucial to the game.

Generally there were a lot of announcements during The Game Awards. Bioware showed off looks that are new at Dragon Age four and teased the return of Mass Effect. We also got updates on content that is new coming to games like Among Us and Fall Guys. Additionally, Perfect Dark has been announced from The Initiative, one of Xbox’s first party studios.

Returnal launches on the PS5 on March 19th, 2021, also it can be obtained via its official site. Stay tuned to Market 4 Games for news on the game along with other next gen games.

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