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Ghost of Tsushima Fans Crowdfund Repairs to Real-World Tsushima Island

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Months after the typhoon’s destruction, Ghost of Tsushima fans help play a key role in massively successful crowdfunding of the island’s restoration.

Ghost of Tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima Fans

When Sucker Punch Production ‘s Ghost of Tsushima was for starters announced during Paris Games Week returned throughout 2017, it switched heads because of its comprehensive first impressions. The gameplay trailer presented the following season during E3 capitalized along the buzz, complimenting soft smooth gameplay with remarkable visuals that improved from the prior year ‘s trailer.

In July 2020, Ghost of Tsushima was launched to extensive acclaim. Viewed by many as among the most effective adventure games in a very long period, Ghost of Tsushima happens to be reserved a slot on many top ten Game of the Year prospect lists for 2020. One of the numerous things that Ghost of Tsushima did perfect was its focused world building. Its painstaking leisure of the real life Tsushima Island suddenly cast the island it had been based on in the limelight lately. And it might have actually served to be a catalyst for saving the said island.


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In September, a torii gate together with the Watatsumi Shrine on Tsushima Island was eliminated by Typhoon Nock ten. The typhoon was infamous for creating most harm to the Philippines, a nation which already endured 2 large scale typhoons a several months prior. That, together with the damage it’s done to Japan including other places around the Pacific, was sufficient to retire the name “Nock ten” and “Nina” from the listing of typhoon labels because of the future. 2 weeks down the line, a crowdfunding plan started on Campfire, the Japanese equivalent to sites like Kickstarter. The original objective for the crowdfunding was five million yen or even around 1dolar1 47,000.

The campaign was established in hopes to raise money that is enough to bring back the torii gate and create a brand new body in its place. Ghost of Tsushima’s reputation as well as acclaim served a major role in the success of the crowdfunding, increasing 27,103,882 yen in complete. This was greater than 500 % of the initial length. In present-day sales, that is over a quarter million bucks raised. (1dolar1 259,893.30 exact)

The Fastest Selling

Ghost of Tsushima
Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima sold extremely well in Japan as a result of its authenticity towards the nation throughout the late 13th century. Days as soon as the game’s launch, a Japanese professor considered in the opinion of theirs plus historical accuracies seen in Ghost of Tsushima. Nearly a month later on, Ghost of Tsushima rapidly became the second best selling first party game on a Sony system of Japan, trailing at the rear of 2018’s Spider Man. In November, the game offered more than five million copies, turning into the fastest selling first person IP holding a Sony platform.

The occurrance of torii gates in Ghost of Tsushima served as passageways to shrines. These shrines have been a means to update Jin’s weapons and provide him beneficial perks to assist him on the journey of his. Coincidentally, the building of the brand-new torii gate is going to include a shrine that comprise of the title of backers which donated 10,000 yen or perhaps other things. The improvement is going to begin in April of this year when most budgets are accounted for found March. Pending further delays as a result of the continuous pandemic, the venture is anticipated to finish by August.

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