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EVE Online Releases Player-Customizable ‘Year in Review’ Videos

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Long running space MMO EVE Online announces player specific year in review videos, highlighting achievements from the past 12 months.

EVE Online
EVE Online

EVE Online Games

games that are Few in history is able to boast the sustainability, scope, and enthusiastic fan base that EVE Online has maintained through the years. With such a strong focus on achieving goals, expanding interaction, and the universe with an effective community, it’s frequently an amazing game to focus on.

As we begin the new year of ours, long time Developers CCP Games has decided to strengthen this notion of reflection, by encouraging players to check out the latest past as well as all that gamers have achieved, attained, along with endured throughout yesteryear twelve months. The official EVE Online Twitter account discussed personal method and a fun to achieve this.


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CCP Games announced that players that are eligible will receive personal videos chronicling all of the victories of theirs, activities and achievements for the entire year 2020, inside New Eden. gamers that are Interested must note that eligibility is dependent on creating a non deleted player character which was productive between December 1st, 2019 as well as December 1st, 2020. Players that want to get this particular video clip should also have had an active Omega membership as a way for the retrospective video being created.

The Distinctive Honor

EVE Online

Initially launched in 2003, Eve Online has become entering its 18th season of program, giving it the distinctive honor of the game perhaps being more mature then several of its players. As one of the longest running MMOs, the amazing space simulation has also found its share of controversies more than the many years, most recently a brand new Year ‘s battle destroying more than 1dolar1 340,000 worth of inside game assets.

Possible damage and then strife aside, the energetic player base has also built strong communities with a sense of purpose, including aiding experts in Covid-19 studies. With nearly 2 decades worth of history as well as participant base, the MMO still has more than 300,000 players a month take on the stars in the search engines of adventure. It is going to be intriguing to see in case these reflection movies end up inspiring players to continue the journey of theirs in the stars for even more decades to come.

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