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GTA Online Player Flies Upside Down Across Map On Oppressor MK1

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GTA Online , As far as Grand Theft Auto Online trick demonstrations go, one Redditor’s recent Oppressor MK 1 bike stunt is nothing to scoff at.

GTA Online
GTA Online

GTA Online Players

You will discover not many games in the story of the medium which hold the same remaining strength as Grand Theft Auto five. Even more than 7 ages since Grand Theft Auto five originally set in motion, players continue to be enraptured with Los Santos thanks in portion on the actually famous Grand Theft Auto GTA Online. This commitment by a passionate fanbase consistently add remarkable stunts with each passing upgrade, and most recent case is really astounding.

Redditor TheFirstRaccount chosen to check each the flight of theirs and also motorbike skills with a remarkable feat in creator Rockstar Games’ electronic interpretation of southern California. With the Oppressor MK one bike, TheFirstRaccount chose to handle the substantial Grand Theft Auto five map size in a brand new way.


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The Oppressor MK one bike was released to Grant Theft Auto Online through the Gunrunning upgrade again in 2017. What made it extremely costly bike worthwhile was the added capability of momentum primarily based flight, allowing for a completely different type of criminal traversal. While fans that are many easily got the opportunity to fly the bicycle across the chart in design, TheFirstRaccount opted to flex in an extremely different manner. Rather than merely flying as designed, the Redditor opted to get on a plane the bicycle across the chart while upside down. It’s crucial to keep in mind that this’s the Oppressor MK one, moreover not the Oppressor MK two allowing for flight while with no momentum.

GTA Online
GTA Online

Gold award on Reddit

The posting has accomplished a Gold award on Reddit with Grand Theft Auto Online players extremely pleased with the strategy. What makes the ride all the more stunning was TheFirstRaccount’s choice to put in additional oomph on the demonstration. Rather than choosing a safer path to go ahead, the drive went underneath, over, and also in between most of the bridges and freeways that populate Los Santos. Thanks in part on the reticle on screen, it’s straightforward TheFirstRaccount utilizing specific mouse moves attain the momentum necessary for the trick.

TheFirstRaccount’s brand new strategy is as other from the actually devoted and enthusiastic player base which carry on and help and also participate in Grand Theft Auto Online. This brand new trick will probably spawn far more attempts from others attempting to be the subsequent big hit on the established communities across the web. With Grand Theft Auto five remaining a huge sales hit, even decades after the launch of its back in the tail conclusion on the PlayStation three and also Xbox 360’s lifespans, players is introducing new methods for play that is unique.

While the Pc participant base are still prepared to show just how Grand Theft Auto Online could be manipulated, there is going to be an influx on completely new and returning players soon enough. Rockstar is now working on the next gen releases of Grand Theft Auto five for the PlayStation five and also Xbox Series consoles. With new hardware abilities, many players are likely to swarm Los Santos again.

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