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Skyrim TikTok Video Perfectly Captures How Stupid NPCs Are In Dungeons

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Skyrim , Derkeethus manages to survive two traps before meeting his untimely demise.


Skyrim TikTok Video

Skyrim does a wide range of things right, but AI inside dungeons isn’t among them. Look no more than this hilarious TikTok clip of bad Derkeethus for evidence, who blindly shambles past 2 traps before meeting the untimely demise of his.

“Let’s tread softly,” whispered the Argonian. The player – knowing the way to go through dungeons much better than the NPC – does not listen. Rather, they sprint with the dungeon, skillfully dodging the concealed spike snares and flamethrowers. After effectively achieving the following space, they turn around to watch Derkeethus.


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He starts strong enough by following the player ‘s lead and also sprinting throughout the traps. An overhead trap doorway misses him, as well as he almost gets from the flamethrowers unscathed. Nevertheless, as he approaches the primary character he slows down the pace of his, leaving him susceptible to one final strike. Have a look at the hilarious clip below:



Derkeethus is among the many followers you are able to unlock in it . When you initially discover them, they are caught in Darkwater Pass. After a fast escape, they are much more than willing to follow you during the entire remainder of the journey of yours. Naturally, as well as the case with all of followers, you will have to keep an eye on them. Skyrim’s companions are not the brightest people in Tamriel and also have a tendency to become sacrificed, find stuck, or maybe walk blindly into traps.

The inventor of the above clip has a few others, nearly all of them centered on bad AI in online games. A few are from Skyrim – this way business owner of a Fire Mage fighting a horse – though many others consider games that are different, like The Elder Scrolls Fallout and Online.

It has seen a thing of a resurgence of late, because of the addition of its to Xbox Game Pass. Both returning and players that are new are diving into the wintry location, bringing the existing name back into the limelight. Its AI might provide a thing to be desired, although blockheaded NPCs are simply with the legendary game’s charm.

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