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Bloodborne Streamers Hit With DMCA Takedowns, Claims The Entire Soundtrack Is A Song Called “Vigor (Ft. Jet Engine)”

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Bloodborne videos are getting hit with takedown strikes on YouTube due to a copyrighted song that doesn’t even appear in the game.


Bloodborne Streamers

I have been shelling out the previous hour attempting to uncover a song with the name “Vigor (Ft. Jet Engine).” Typing which name into YouTube or Google comes back with absolutely nothing, along with all the other avenues of mine are tired, therefore I am confident the song does not actually exist.

Nevertheless, Live Nation Entertainment, the alleged copyright slots of stated song, appear to believe it can occur, as well as appear to believe it is present located in 2014’s Bloodborne. Which it does not, since Blood’s soundtrack is owned by Sony and also does not have a song called “Vigor.”

Nevertheless, Live Nation appears to believe it does, and also it is sending out a load of DMCA Takedowns to essentially any streamer that is ever done a Bloodborne Let us Play.

One streamer particularly appears to have shot the brunt of Live Nation ‘s copyright wrath. Lance McDonald has aproximatelly 100,000 members on YouTube and also was handed “a load of unlawful DMCA claims” from Live Nation with it perhaps fictitious song. Based on Live Nation, “They’re saying that entire Bloodborne soundtrack is a song called’ Vigor (ft Jet Engine )’.”


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And it is not only Lance. Others are reporting equivalent DMCA attacks for over the very same song. One man actually reported discovering the song, but typing in the YouTube Url just brings upwards a private video clip.

And it is not just that specific song, sometimes. Twitter user maxmillian_ found he’s becoming DMCA hits over the boss battle music, with Live Nation professing they have the rights to it.

An Obvious Case Of Copyright Trolling

This appears an obvious case of copyright trolling, though it is still likely to be a great mess for YouTube to resolve and at the same time, these streamers have to invest hours working out what may be countless DMCA strikes based on the number of Blood videos they have created.

YouTube’s woes have been recurring, but Twitch’s troubles with copyright have just merely started. Twitch streamers started getting DMCA strikes previous October with no a choice to also contest the hit, resulting in plenty of games unexpectedly going without soundtracks. Which made some music focused games fairly tough to see, flat when the streamer themselves places up an honest attempt to take that music back to the game in a quasi legal fashion.

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