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Halo Infinite details: story, gameplay & release date

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Halo Infinite Facts

Master Chief’s longevity is in full force as Halo Infinite marks another generation that the legendary shooter franchise will appear in. There’s a lot of buzz about the game, so we’ve put together some crucial details including the release date, gameplay details, and more.

Halo, the iconic Sci-Fi drama that has achieved mainstream coverage, is gearing up for another iteration of tight gunplay with lots of aliens to slay.

Scheduled for a December 2020 release, Halo Infinite’s arrival had to be pushed back due to its development being disturbed by the world’s events that are ongoing. This small hiccup has nearly passed, nonetheless, and we’ve some key details that you need to know about the 2021 arrival of Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite story
Halo Infinite story

Halo Infinite story

Gripping narratives are actually synonymous with Halo games. After keeping the appearances of Master Chief slightly more limited in Halo five: Guardians, 343 Industries have taken this feedback on board and then reverted to a more familiar status quo.

These are the key details regarding Halo Infinite’s story:

  • It will focus more on Master Chief who’s just woken from a deep sleep
  • It has been described as a “spiritual reboot” for the franchise
  • 343 are making the story less complicated than Halo 5: Guardians
  • The Banished will serve as the game’s primary antagonists

It’s clear that 343 Industries wants to keep Infinite’s story a bit more grounded and not require you to have played every Halo game to completely understand all the details.

halo infinite story
halo infinite story

Halo Infinite’s Gameplay features

If there’s one area where Halo never fails to impress – it’s gameplay. For years, Halo was built and marketed on being the undisputed number-one first-person shooter in the world. Even though Bungie has branched off to work on Destiny, Halo still retains the exquisite mechanics that garnered positivity and drew fans for years.

Here are some crucial gameplay tidbits for you to know about:

  • Master Chief has befriended a pilot that found him and can drive him around
  • The game features bigger and more expansive levels than before
  • There’s a day & night cycle
  • Master Chief has a new Grapple Hook that can be used for traversal or combat
  • Halo Infinite incorporates a new upgrade system
  • There are new weapons & enemies
  • Multiplayer will be free-to-play at up to 120fps, probably with a Battle Pass system
  • The campaign has a 4-player online co-op
  • Local 2-player split-screen returns after being left out of Halo 5: Guardians

Release Date

At the time of writing, Halo Infinite is confirmed to be releasing in the second half of 2021.

The game’s development has predictably been hindered by unforeseen circumstances. To make sure the game lives up to the hype of its, the game must have more time.

This’s all of the info we know about Halo Infinite so much and as more details slowly become public, we will ensure we update you.

Halo Infinite leaks suggest Battle Royale has been replaced by new mode

It seemed that Halo Infinite would have Battle Royale, but a new leak suggests that this is not the case and a new mode has replaced it.

Halo Infinite leaks
Halo Infinite leaks

We have seen long standing rumors that Halo Infinite will be getting a specific Battle Royale mode. Nevertheless, a brand new leak has come out indicated that it has been replaced by a brand new mode.

Battle Royale has become such a trend during the last several years that it will be understandable if Halo’s devs decided to try their very own luck and try things out with it. The early impression was that we will be seeing hundred Master Chiefs using Spikers to assert the dominance of theirs.

However, a reliable leaker on Reddit has come forward with contradictory claims and thinks that Halo Infinite is opting for a different mode instead.

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