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Overwatch Kanezaka Challenge Includes Kyogisha Hanzo Skin

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Blizzard announces a new limited-time event for the hero shooter Overwatch called the Kanezaka Challenge that unlocks exclusive rewards.


Overwatch Fans

Overwatch fans are patiently waiting around for a number of considerable information on the upcoming Overwach two, but in the meantime, there’s always plenty of completely new content being launched for the first Overwach game. The newest Overwatch content drop is available in the form of a limited time event known as the Kanezaka Challenge, that is living within the hero shooter from today until January twenty five, giving fans the opportunity to unlock a number of highly sought after cosmetic content.

The Overwatch Kanezaka Challenge facilities around the brand new Kanezaka deathmatch chart, with decorative material primarily based on Damage hero Hanzo. Players do not have to play on the Kanezaka chart to uncover the benefits, however. Just racking up wins in Play that is quick, Competitive Play, or maybe Arcade is sufficient for Overwach enthusiasts to uncover the brand-new cosmetic products which are being introduced together with the Kanezaka Challenge.


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By getting 3 wins, Overwach players are going to unlock the Pagoda Icon, while 6 wins unlocks the Yokai Spray. The best prize is available after Overwatch players have received 9 times as the Kanezaka Challenge is live, and it comes in the type of the Kyogisha Hanzo epidermis. This content is only going to be available within the game until January twenty five, therefore anyone interested must make an effort to uncover it even though they still can.

Kanezaka Challenge

Like past Over limited time functions, the Kanezaka Challenge also rewards players for watching Over Twitch channels from participating streamers. Watching 2 hours of a competent stream unlocks the Shrine District squirt, whereas 4 hours unlocks the Tato and Pawttery Takes Off sprays. And lastly, seeing 6 hours of competent Twitch streaming content will uncover the Dragon Consumes, Bath Time, in addition to Catchamari aerosols for players to utilize in game.

After the Overwatch Kanezaka Challenge wraps in place on January twenty five, followers of the game should not must wait excessive longer for another content drop. The Overwatch Lunar New Year occurrence generally begins at the conclusion of January or even beginning of February, therefore the Kanezaka Challenge may well bleed directly into the entire year of the Ox occasion. Precisely what the Year of the Ox occurrence will involve remains to be seen, though it appears to be very likely that the emphasis is going to be on toilet tank hero Orisa.

The Lunar New Year function in Over might be the final major event with the base game before fans get the hands of theirs on Over two. Overwatch two is confirmed for BlizzCon 2021 inside February, plus certain rumors claim that the game is readily available within a several months. Other rumors say that the Over two release date will not be until very much later in the season, although, so fans will simply have to tune within to BlizzCon on February nineteen to discover more.

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