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Razer’s New Gamer Chair Looks Straight Out Of Sci-Fi

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Project Brooklyn, Razer’s new gamer chair, looks like it belongs in Cyberpunk more than real-life.

New Gamer Chair
New Gamer Chair

New Gamer Chair

It’s CES, which unlike earlier yrs, is taking place completely online. Major tech producers are all releasing pleasant vignettes of their newest merchandise, like Razer. The RGB-enabled face mask of theirs is going to ensure you do not get COVID as well as convince everyone close to you you are a walks rave, while their much more practical gaming chair will in fact enhance the gaming experience of yours in an extremely big way.

Razer refers to as it Project Brooklyn, and it is a gaming seat unlike any other person. The important selling point is the fold away 60 inch OLED curved display which stretches from the chair ‘s back and then deploys in front of the gamer ‘s top like a huge visor. When gaming is now over, the display folds back up and tucks away back to the seat for storage space.

You are able to see the display in action playing MechWarrior five: Mercenaries, the best game for the cockpit style new gamer chair.

But as they claim, that is not every thing. Project Brooklyn also offers a fold out computer keyboard and mouse tray that generally resides within the chair ‘s arms. In the leather stitched rear is Razer’s Hypersense Technology, an audio activated tactile response process that is essentially a great rumbler for the chair of yours.


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A built-in cable router operates all the cables of yours out the rear with no anxiety about becoming tangled, and the entire thing is made of mild but robust carbon fiber.

Project Brooklyn

“Project Brooklyn is an exhilarating idea created over the real heart of a completely immersive gaming station,” said Min Liang Tan. “The haptic comments, visuals as well as overall practical design with focus on ergonomics will send a one-of-a-kind gameplay experience.”

New Gamer Chair

Razer did not list a cost or maybe a release date, though they did make it look like it would be a more affordable choice than many all-in-one gamer chairs which are right now on the industry. Although, with a 60 inch curved And extending OLED display, which appears a little hard to imagine.

CES 2021 is on now and also runs until Thursday. For much more unique brand new gamer chair toys, investigate HyperX’s brand new offerings coming later on in 2021.

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