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Final Fantasy 7 Remake gameplay expansion is possible as Square Enix files trademarks for prequel title and antagonists

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Many have asked whether or not Square Enix is planning to remake other fan-favorite “Final Fantasy.” Suppose the trademarks the studio recently filed were any indication. In that case, more projects could be in the pipeline related to the plot and gameplay of “Final Fantasy 7 Remake.”

Square Enix files trademarks for ‘Final Fantasy 7’ prequel
Square Enix files trademarks for ‘Final Fantasy 7’ prequel

Square Enix files trademarks for ‘Final Fantasy 7’ prequel

Anyone familiar with “Final Fantasy 7” would immediately recognize these titles and names. It can be recalled that the original game became so popular that it later had its own metaseries. Part of that series was the mobile game “Before Crisis: Final Fantasy 7” originally released in 2004, and the action RPG “Crisis Core: Final Fantasy seven” launched on PS Portable in 2007. However, the trademark is more likely to be related to the latter.


Crisis Core was released ten years after the first Final Fantasy seven but it offered a prequel plot. Just like the first game and the Remake, Crisis Core also launched worldwide. Looking at these things, it wouldn’t be shocking if the Ever Crisis trademark is actually connected to the prequel title planned to be released to expand the world of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

The Shinra Electric Power Company is actually viewed as an evil megacorporation that provides mako energy to the entire Final Fantasy seven world. Its resources resulted in immense power and influence that were commonly used against the protagonists of the game. Shinra has an elite paramilitary group called SOLDIER, but the specific title The First Soldier is actually speculated to be pertaining to Sephiroth, the primary antagonist in Final Fantasy 7.

Square Enix files trademarks for ‘Final Fantasy 7’ prequel
Square Enix files trademarks for ‘Final Fantasy 7’ prequel

Final Fantasy 7 Remake’ expansions in the works?

It’s still unclear what these trademarks mean for the future of “Final Fantasy seven Remake.” While they might be early hints of upcoming gameplay content and expansions, they may also be only for some special merch items.


Apart from the possible expansion, fans of the franchise are currently waiting for the release of “Final Fantasy seven Remake” on other platforms. The game exclusively launched on PS4 last year, but there were reports that Square Enix only agreed to a timed exclusivity deal with Sony that could expire this March.

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