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Top 5 Box Legendary Pokemon of all time

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What is the best legendary Pokemon ever?

The Pokemon games’ box art are some of the most iconic images through all of video game history.

Besides the first few titles, every main series Pokemon game has had a legendary grace the cover. A couple have even gotten to do so more than once, with reboots and sequels.

The box art is sometimes what sells a Pokemon game. The legendary on the cover, what it represents, and how much it stands out all play huge factors in people’s purchasing choices.

The No. 1 Legendary Pokemon of all time is nostalgic

#5 – Rayquaza (Emerald)

legendary Pokemon
legendary Pokemon

For a time, Pokemon would create a third game that blended the other two of the generation for a mega story. Generation 3 saw Emerald come from Ruby and Sapphire.

The Emerald box art belonged to Rayquaza. Many fans were eager to get their hands on the Emerald version of the game. The giant green space lizard on the front known as Rayquaza sealed the deal.

#4 – White Kyurem (White 2)

legendary Pokemon
legendary Pokemon

Black and White’s sequels saw a simple naming of Black 2 and White 2. Two new forms of Kyurem would be revealed and serve as the mascots.

White 2 was arguably the cooler cover. White Kyurem is just so majestic compared to its Black Kyurem counterpart. The combining of Reshiram and Zekrom brought Kyurem to life, and this sequel game gave it unimaginable power.

#3 – Suicune (Crystal)

legendary Pokemon
legendary Pokemon

Pokemon Crystal is one of the prettiest box arts of the entire Pokemon series. Suicune, one of the most popular legendary Pokemon, takes center stage.

Spinning off from Gold and Silver, Crystal was the first Pokemon game that allowed the main girl character’s selection. Suicune is arguably the best of the legendary beasts. Its beauty and power make it one of the greats.

#2 – Lunala (Moon)

legendary Pokemon
legendary Pokemon

Lunala is the cover mascot for Pokemon Moon. An altered form, morphed by Nekrozma, is the cover legendary for Ultra Moon. Compared to other games, Sun and Moon are criminally underrated.

Lunala is a massive bat-like creature that exudes darkness and power. If we are basing this list off the cover itself, Lunala would be number one. There is one that tops the list ahead of it in terms of power and popularity.

#1 – Ho-Oh (Gold and HeartGold)

legendary Pokemon
legendary Pokemon

Ho-Oh is not everyone’s favorite legendary, but everyone’s first legendary. Seen at the end of the very first episode of the Pokemon anime, it was the only legendary for a long time that Ash and viewers would lay their eyes on.

Given the cover of Gold and the remake, HeartGold, Ho-Oh plays an important role in Pokemon lore. Nothing tops the rainbow bird when it comes to box mascots

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