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Fan Creates Epic Crossover Art for Hades and God of War’s Kratos

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Fan Creates Epic Crossover Art for Hades and God of War’s Kratos


Hades and God of War’s Kratos

Of the many fantastic titles to release throughout 2020, Hades was a memorable and impressive extremely game for a lot of players. With a multitude of special, well-designed characters, responsive and tight fighting mechanics, and a cacophony of ways that are different to address the gameplay, Hads left a remarkably strong influence on almost all who had it. It is also beginning to get when compared with several of the most beloved video games ever produced.

Hades‘ town of followers which has been cultivating since well prior to the game actually launched has managed to accomplish quite a lot. With several bits of fanart and also cosplays surfacing online along with one fan actually creating a customized arcade box for Hades, this particular game has produced the very best in a lot of fans. Though, Hades’ unique art form design and style has lent itself to several really amazing crossover art.


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Over on Reddit, a user by the title of Blindster13 has posted an amazing piece of crossover art which includes Kratos coming from God of War. The art design is really so on point in regards to the way it compares to Had’s recognized art like it almost looks as an Easter Egg.

Kratos’ character

Kratos’ character design actually has dialogue which emulates exactly how he will speak with Atreus in God of War (2018). In a large amount of ways, Kratos benefits type from getting in the realm of Hads, considering the Greek heritage of his and his prior associations with the Greek gods of Olympus. Although, this’s in spite of the point that God of War is completed with Greek mythology.

At any rate, this’s still a fantastic, lovingly detailed portion of fan art that about appears as though it is an in game screenshot. Witnessing such an iconic character as God of War ‘s Kratos discover the way of his into fanart based for a game which has not been in existence almost so long as God of War, proves exactly how it’s managed to affect the gaming community in unforeseen ways.

It is going to be good to see how much the future holds for both Supergiant and Hades Games. While Hades has thus far been a tremendous accomplishment, the studio’s earlier games as Pyre, Transistor, as well as Bastion wrote an impactful, strong opinion on several players within the gaming community. With each brand new game, Supergiant Games will continue to reinvent itself, and it is going to be enjoyable to see what some other plans the studio has within shop for its loving fanbase.

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