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Horror Game The Medium Shows Off Ray-Tracing in New Trailer

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Bloober Team’s The Medium gets a new RTX trailer, showcasing the PC version’s ray-tracing, enhanced visuals, and terrifying worlds.

The Medium
The Medium

The Medium Show

Slated to release later on this particular month, The Medium appears to become the very first main horror discharge of 2021, tasking players with putting in a planet of creepy mysteries and ghostly entities. The title is going to be Bloober Team’s very first original project since the work of its on Blair Witch returned throughout 2019, with the title slated to hit Xbox and PC consoles.

Players on Pc are probable curious about what they can expect from the Medium when it comes to graphical fidelity, particularly as the name appears to be benefiting considerably from the potential on the Xbox Series X‘s visual capabilities and enhanced SSD. Fortunately, a fresh trailer offered by Bloober Team spotlights precisely what the game will likely be packing for non console players using Nvidia, with the footage exhibiting the game operating with RTX technology enabled.


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One of the leading additions is ray tracing, with the seventy seconds of footage highlighting life like reflections on desks, marble flooring, and picture frames. Alongside which are what appears to be several enhanced lighting effects along with a number of other important graphical enhancements, resulting in spectacular footage in each of the Medium ‘s dual reality environments. Based on the explanation on the trailer, the game is going to utilize Nvidia DLSS, while it’ll also work Unreal Engine Version 4.25+. In a nutshell, it appears players on Pc will have the ability to operate a hitting rendition of the Medium that is equal to that of its Xbox Series X counterpart.

The Trailer

As because of the trailer itself, it showcases much more of The Medium ‘s dimension shifting gameplay, concentrating on protagonist Marianne browsing through both worlds of the lifestyle and also the old. Along the manner, she is packaged deal with to confront with several of the game’s monstrous entities, incorporating a mysterious masked kid referred to as Sadness and even The Maw: a taller, slender, winged creature which will stalk Marianne via the depths on the spirit community.

For people who have not been staying in touch with Bloober Team’s The Medium trailers, the story uses a spiritual moderate checking out an eerie mystery that helps with her using the abilities of her to traverse between length and width. Players are going to have to resolve puzzles, uncover insider secrets, and battle The Maw using Marianne’s certain set of skills, with Bloober Team changing from its typical first person perspective to a higher third person format. It appears to be the studio’s the majority of expansive as well as experimental game to date, with early footage insinuating players will be navigating by way of a a frightening planet where danger lurks around each nook. It will be for sale for players on Game Pass later on this month.

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