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Top 5 Pokemon banned in competitive play 2021

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list of Top 5 Pokemon banned

The typical competitive Pokemon format sees a substantial list of mythical creatures and legendaries banned, but that sometimes spins off into other everyday Pokemon.

A Pokemon has to be incredibly powerful or perhaps incredibly annoying to get a ban from competitive play. It is not often that this occurs.

Most recently, though, competitive battling saw a massive ban in Sword and Shield. Some of the most popular choices were removed from the rulebook of usable Pokemon.

No. 1 is the most overpowered starter Pokemon ever

#5 – Incineroar

Top 5 Pokemon banned
Top 5 Pokemon banned

Series 5 saw the rise of Incineroar in competitive Pokemon once again. Pokemon decided to do something crazy at the end of the series. Once Series 6 began, 16 of the most popular Pokemon from the summer were banned.

It only lasted a short while, but it is still strange to think about. Incineroar is a saving grace for some players and a nightmare for others. It was a very divisive move.

#4 – Mewtwo

Top 5 Pokemon banned
Top 5 Pokemon banned

At first, some bans came as a surprise to many Pokemon players. When Pokemon was new, players wanted to take the most powerful Pokemon in their arsenals to battle against others.

Unfortunately, that would be shut down without a second thought. Mewtwo and various other legendary and mythical icons were banned in competitive before they even got a chance. Their power is just too much.

#3 – Cinderace

Top 5 Pokemon banned
Top 5 Pokemon banned

Much love Incineroar, Cinderace is actually among the most popular Pokemon used in Series five. While it’s no longer intact, the ban to Cinderace was just as shocking. It’s a starter Pokemon.

It was the most popular starter in the game in which the present competitive Pokemon landscape is actually played on. It’s a speedy attacker that can easily put teams ahead. For a very short period, it was unavailable to enter the fray.

#2 – Rillaboom

Top 5 Pokemon bannedTop 5 Pokemon banned
Top 5 Pokemon banned

Rillaboom is another that falls in the Series 5 popularity category, then banned in Series 6. Never has two starter Pokemon from the same game receive a ban.

It was a short experiment, but the impact lasted. Rillaboom saw an incredible amount of competitive usage, especially as the Gigantamax ‘mon on most teams. The Series 6 ban, with so many other Pokemon, was downright frustrating for some.

#1 – Blaziken

Top 5 Pokemon banned
Top 5 Pokemon banned

Blaziken may be the most overpowered starter Pokemon ever. Originally, there was no issue. Speed Boost’s hidden ability is what saw it receive a ban. Speed Boost did exactly what it says.

At the end of every turn, it would gain a point to its speed stat. One Protect could easily see it outspeed every opposing Pokemon. It was deemed utterly ridiculous, and only special, unofficial tournaments allowed Blaziken.

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