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Space FPS Boundary Releases on PS4 and PC This Summer

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Space FPS Boundary Releases on PS4 and PC This Summer
Space FPS Boundary Releases on PS4 and PC This Summer

Boundary is a gameplay worths exploring

Many people have either seen gameplay or perhaps at least heard of Call of Duty. While its best iterations exist purely in grounded settings, there were a few titles that dared go into the thought of combat and space flight. While those sections were not in probably the best of games, the potential there’s very expansive. As for the team at Surgical Scalpels though, that potential is actually one worth exploring. Boundary, the team’s upcoming space first person shooter, releases on PlayStation four and PC this Summer. You are able to take a look at probably the latest trailer below.

As you are able to see, Boundary takes which basic idea and evolves it, creating a space shooter that can really provide a competitive experience. From spinning around to find a much better footing to grappling to score a brand new vantage point, you can find various tactics for those willing to learn the game. Combined with the arsenal of yours of guns to choose from, you’ve a wide array of tools included in your astronaut suit. Whether you are looking to assault enemies from close quarters or even pick them off from afar, the choice is yours of what you take into battle. Above all else though, the best weapon of yours is the communication of yours. Individuals who work best with the staff of theirs in this tactical FPS will probably come out on top.

Is Boundary available on Steam store?

If this already sounds interesting to you, Boundary is available to wishlist off the Steam store. For all those that are not a fan of waiting though, have I got news for you. This weekend (January 15 – 17), the staff is holding playtests from ten AM PT to twelve AM each of those 3 days. When you are seeking to score yourself a key and give the game a try, check out their social media to see key promotions.

Will you be looking to try out Boundary? What are your initial impressions of the game? Come on my house Market 4 Games and  Let us know in the comments.

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