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The Medium is Bloober Team’s Biggest and Most Ambitious Project to Date

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CEO of Bloober Team, Piotr Babieno, discusses the lofty ambitions of The Medium after the release of the live-action trailer.

The Medium is Bloober

The Medium
The Medium

Bloober Team just released its stunning live-action trailer for The Medium , as it builds anticipation for the launch of the game in just a few weeks. Bloober Team has discussed wanting to be the Blumhouse of the games industry, and Medium looks to be the most exciting title yet.

The live-action trailer itself is a nice one-two punch with the 14-minute gameplay trailer of Medium that dropped last week. While the gameplay shows a glimpse of the enemy called The Maw, some stealth encounters, and more, the live-action video shows off the psychological horror elements of the story with the help of Academy Award-Nominated talent.


Horror Game The Medium Shows Off Ray-Tracing in New Trailer

Piotr Babieno is the CEO of Bloober Team. He says that Medium is the biggest and most ambitious project to date for the team. One of the ways that he and the team wanted to emphasize this was with the aforementioned live-action trailer; so Babieno brought in Tomasz Bagiński to be the Writer & Creative Producer for the live-action trailer. Bagiński has been nominated for an Academy Award and is a Bafta-winning filmmaker. Game Rant was able to preview Medium, and it is very much a horror title with a strong narrative backbone. Bagiński was brought in to bring that to light.


The Medium
The Medium

Bagiński seems to have taken to project very seriously, as he focused on the tone, characters, and story of the piece. He says that the task was to lean heavily into the emotional side of the story. The idea is to keep the surprises a secret, to not give away the twists, but to instill a certain mood. Of course, fans will look for secrets in The Medium and perhaps find them. But if the only goal was to set a scary tone and set an emotional mood for a live-action trailer, mission accomplished.

Bloober Team has grown a lot in a short period of time, and the ambitions of the developer are quite high. While Bloober Team is an independent developer, and games like Layers of Fear certainly fell under the indie title umbrella, The Medium looks like a step above, which is something the team should be proud of.

Fans have a lot to look forward to when The Medium launches on January 28, 2021. For anyone who has Xbox Game Pass, The Medium will be instantly available on day one. In fact, Blair Witch, Layers of Fear, and Observer (All Blooper Team titles) are all currently available on Xbox Game Pass. So if anyone is interested in getting some horror in leading up to the launch of The Medium, the opportunity is there.

The Medium is slated to release on January 28 for PC and Xbox Series X/S, To see more please click here And Extra Games News Are Waiting for you in our website MARKET 4 GAMES .

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