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Division Studio Still Working on Avatar Video Game Despite New Star Wars Deal

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Ubisoft provides details regarding Massive Entertainment’s ongoing work on its Avatar Video Game project, now that Star Wars has been announced.

Avatar Video Game

Avatar Video Game
Avatar Video Game

This previous week, Ubisoft made a big announcement, verifying that the Division two developer Massive Entertainment was currently working on an open world Star Wars project. It was confirmation that Disney’s exclusivity agreement with Electronic Arts will be ending, bringing about much more Star Wars video games year to year. Generally there was only one lingering question: What would come about to Massive ‘s earlier announced Avatar game? It seems that nothing will occur, as each Star Wars games and avatar remain in development.

As component on the announcement of Ubisoft’s in development Star Wars game, the publisher unveiled a job interview with Massive ‘s dealing with director David Polfeldt. Polfeldt was directed especially about Massive taking on the improvement of 2 games that are different from 2 distinct key franchises. While Polfeldt does not directly deal with the express on the Avatar project ‘s recurring advancement, he does admit that Massive will continue to focus on Avatar Video Game alongside Star Wars as an equal emphasis.


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No specifics had been provided about how Massive plans to take on 2 main tasks at one time. Its released 2 games in the past six yrs, all those becoming a Tom Clancy’s The Division as well as the sequel of its The Division two. Though to call it an one project studio would not be accurate, seeing because it supported The Division via post launch information while also working on The Division two. It is probable that this particular approach has led to do various development teams within the business, or even that Ubisoft is outsourcing effort to many other internal studios.

Star Wars project

Avatar Video Game

Regardless of the way the 2 games are now being created at Massive, neither undertaking is likely to be coming some time soon. The Star Wars project was just confirmed yesterday and is years that are likely from coming to fruition. As for the Avatar Video Game task, the previous news that was discussed about it confirmed that advancement had been delayed and that a 2022 launch will be probably the earliest it will arrive.

Because of the fairly delayed release windows for every game, Massive have sufficient time to talk about details about the studio’s arrangement and growth therefore it is able to support 2 individual games’ development. Nevermind that the Division two remains definitely supported by the studio also. Additionally, it is not just Massive is working on 2 games that is intriguing, but that it is working on 2 huge games based on 2 very popular IPs.

Massive ‘s Avatar task was initially announced in 2017, created around partnership with James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment. It, such as the Star Wars project, has been manufactured in Massive ‘s Snowdrop motor. Far more info about Massive ‘s Avatar task will ideally be shared sooner instead of later on.

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