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After Lexa, Fortnite Season five leak reveals “Orin” to be the next Anime inspired skin

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“Lexa” is discovered by gamers

"Lexa" is discovered by gamers
“Lexa” is discovered by gamers

Fortnite leakers have recently revealed multiple new skins that seem to be influenced by anime.

In December 2020, a new Anime inspired skin called “Lexa” was released, and Fortnite players could unlock it at level seventy three after purchasing the Chapter two Season five Battle Pass. Today, what seems to be the male version of the Lexa skin, called Orin, has been leaked.

"Lexa" is discovered by gamers
“Lexa” is discovered by gamers

This’s in addition to 2 further animated skins that have also been leaked on Twitter. All 3 skins were revealed by Hypex, and are actually expected to make the way of theirs to the Fortnite Item shop in the coming weeks.


Fortnite data miners reveal three leaked skins including anime-inspired “Orin”

As can be seen in the tweets, the three leaked skins are called Ruby Shadows, Tess and Orin. The three skins have been added to the game as part of Fortnite version 15.20 and are expected to be available to be bought via the Item Shop.

While no official release date have been confirmed as of now, the skins have been confirmed to be part of game files. Ruby Shadows skin is a female skin that will be released as part of the Street Shadows set. Moreover, Tess is also a female skin that has a gothic appearance and features khakhi pants, as can be seen in the tweet.

It is the Orin skin that appears to be anime-inspired, and bears similarities with the Lexa skin that was released as part of the Battle Pass for Chapter 2 Season 5 of Fortnite. Like Lexa, Orin also features purple pants and a grey t-shirt and has a similar red hue in his eyes.


While the Tess” skin is expected to be released as part of the Original Outlaws set, Orin has been rumored to be part of Fortnite’s Y-Labs Rescue set. The Orin skin also appears to be anime-inspired and is one of the innumerable skins that are expected to be released during Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5.

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