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Fortnite fans think “The Terminator” could be the next hunter on the battle royale island

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"The Terminator"
“The Terminator”

“The Terminator” may be the next hunter

Fortnite is currently seeing a surge of bounty hunters in the game. The lever action shotgun, which “The Terminator” made popular, was added as a part of the new 15.20 update in the game. This has lead to a lot of speculations in the Fortnite community.

Is the Terminator coming to Fortnite?

Right after the lever action shotgun was added to Fortnite, fans began speculating that the next bounty hunter added to the game will be the Terminator.

This is because the shotgun strongly resembles the one from the Terminator movies, and the reloading animation is also the same.

Reddit users went crazy when the shotgun was dropped, and fans started speculating that the Terminator will be introduced in the game.

"The Terminator"
“The Terminator”

It wouldn’t be surprising if the Terminator came to Fortnite. The game has been going all out with the crossovers. The Predator is the most recent crossover. The Predator has been a pop culture icon for generations.

The community is yet to see how the skin looks like but it looks like this is a sign of things to come.

"The Terminator"
“The Terminator”

According to data miner ShiinaBR, the 15.21 update for Fortnite has been added to the staging servers. So there’s a chance that the update will drop sometime next week.

The Predator skin may be added to the game files via the upcoming update.

When it comes to new characters, Fortnite has a habit of teasing these new characters before they launch. They love hiding clues in plain sight for the eagle-eyed members of the community. It’s almost like there’s a game within a game for the hardcore fans of the game.

There’s a good chance that the Terminator will find his way to the game very soon. The iconic sci-fi character will sync nicely with the game. However, it is just speculation for the time being and needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.

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