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Mysterious Resident Evil multiplayer game opens testing later this month

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Resident Evil Showcase Is Announced

Capcom is teasing a Resident Evil multiplayer game, and closed testing will commence later this month.

Resident Evil Showcase Is Announced
ResidentEvil Showcase Is Announced

Yesterday, the developer announced a Resident Evil Showcase for next week on January 21, where new gameplay and information will be revealed about the highly anticipated Resident Evil 8. What slipped through the cracks somewhat was the quiet reveal of beta testing for an unannounced Resident Evil multiplayer game, which a teaser website has now been published for, outlining the complete beta testing schedule.

As you are able to see from the teaser site, the game’s beta testing period is going to commence on January twenty eight, and will wrap up one day later on January twenty nine. You are able to sign up for the closed beta test by registering to be a Resident Evil Ambassador, and the closed test will only be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One across both days.

Resident Evil in 2021

Resident Evil Showcase Is Announced
ResidentEvil Showcase Is Announced

You will find 2 deadlines for registering for the mysterious multiplayer game: January twenty, and January twenty five. After each deadline, a summary of the successful applicants will be announced by Capcom on January twenty two and January twenty nine, respectively, revealing the fortunate players that get to experience this new game before anybody else.

As for what the game can be, we are only left with guesses for now. Capcom is very fond of rolling out Resident-Evil multiplayer spin off games every few years, with Resident-Evil Resistance launching alongside 2020’s Resident-Evil three, and Umbrella Corps launching a few years prior to that.

Perhaps we’ll get more information about this new multiplayer game during the Resident-Evil Showcase next week. 2021 promises to be a big year for the Resident-Evil franchise, with Resident-Evil Village, a Resident Evil Netflix show, and more properties launching at some point during the year. It’s the series’ 25th anniversary after all, so you can bet Capcom has some big surprises in store.

For a full list of all the other games set to launch at some point over the coming months, you can check out our new games 2021 guide for more.

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