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Samurai Shodown for Xbox Series launches March 16

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Samurai Shodown runs at two times

The Xbox Series version of Samurai Shodown will launch on March sixteen, developer SNK announced. It is going to be available both digitally and physically in North Europe and America, as well as via Smart Delivery to owners of the Xbox One version.

Samurai Shodown for Xbox Series launches March 16
Samurai-Shodown for Xbox Series launches March 16

Upgrading of game is available for all!

“Samurai Shodown on the Xbox Series X and S is actually stellar due to a couple features,” Samurai-Shodown director Hayato Konya said in a video message. “First, you’ve the top specs which allow for 120 frames per second gameplay! The game traditionally ran at sixty frames per second, but now it runs at two times the frames for even smoother gameplay! Pick up Samurai Shodown today for an experience you have to feel to believe!”

Konya continued, “Of course, Samurai Shodown is also Smart Delivery enabled! Which means in case you purchased it for Xbox One, then you also havei’t on the Xbox Series X and S! All the downloadable content of yours and save data could also be transferred, so do not worry about upgrading!

Samurai Shodown is coming to Xbox Series X and S this winter | Windows  Central
Samurai-Shodown for Xbox Series launches March 16

“In addition to the digital version, we also have a physical edition launching in both Europe and North America. The physical version includes characters Rimuru, Basara, Kazuki, and Wan-Fu from Season Pass 1. There are five downloadable content characters included in total, so don’t miss out on this great value! Season Pass 3 will go live alongside the Xbox Series X and S launch, and includes an update to the game with balance changes.”

Samurai-Shodown is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC via the Epic Games Store, and Stadia.

Watch a trailer and the video message for the Xbox Series version below

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