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Unlocking a Nuke in COD Mobile Season 13: A step-by-step guide for beginners

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Unfreezing a Nuke in COD Mobile Season 13 :

COD Mobile is just about the most popular mobile games today.

COD Mobile is actually a battle royale game about surviving till the end and eliminating all enemies. A player must possess surviving skills and also have supreme gun skills to claim victory. The “Nuke” is actually a reward that players get to destroy enemies in COD Mobile.

The game also provides a multiplayer mode. Players are able to equip the choice of theirs of load outs and play the multiplayer mode.

Nuke is actually a reward that players are able to unlock after maintaining a killstreak of twenty. Players can then use it in the game. Killstreak points are only counted for normal weapon kills.

Steps to unlock a Nuke in COD Mobile:

Once a player reaches level 20 in COD Mobile, the nuke will be automatically unlocked. But to use the weapon, players need to complete a task.

Unlocking a Nuke in COD Mobile Season 13
Unlocking a Nuke in COD Mobile Season 13

Players can follow these steps to use a nuke in COD Mobile:

Step 1: Select the multiplayer mode in COD Mobile with a squad. The player can solo-queue as well.

Step 2: Equip preferable loadout choices. Set the perks in loadout, which will allow the player to have greater chances of survival through the game. The player can set it to Vulture, Persistence, and Hardline.

Step 3: Use a Sentry Gun, VTOL, or others to earn kills as fast as possible.

Step 4: Select an available multiplayer map and start the game.

Step 5: The player needs to maintain a killstreak of 20. That means killing 20 enemies without dying.

Step 6: Plant the nuke to wipe out all the enemies.

The following video by ‘Yanrique’ will help the players to unlock nuke in a game and efficiently use that in the game:

Nuke is a killstreak reward. It is very tough to maintain a killstreak of 20 without dying. Even professional players face trouble in maintaining a killstreak of 20.

If a player is able to make use of some basic skills like catching enemies off guard, staying away from unnecessary fights, or perhaps fighting from a secured location, it’s easy to maintain the killstreak. Dropping a nuke will reward the team with 5 points.

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