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Mysterious ‘Resident Evil’ beta points towards new multiplayer game

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Resident Evil is seemingly getting a new multiplayer entry, with a beta coming before launch.

Following the announcement of a Resident Evil Showcase arriving next week (January 21), a mysterious new page was discovered on the series’ website, which suggests a new multiplayer game will also be announced.

The page offers gamers the opportunity to register interest for a closed beta, that is said to be “celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Resident Evil”. It will be available on both PS4 and Xbox One, and has a genre specification as multiplayer for four to six players.

Mysterious :beta points towards new multiplayer game
Mysterious :beta points towards new multiplayer game

The registration period runs between January 14-25. Between that time, numerous players will be selected on specific dates for the registration eventually closes. Anyone interested will need a Capcom ID that is linked to the Resident Evil Ambassador programme for a ballot entry.

It’s said that anyone with a Resident Evil Ambassador rank of silver or higher is in for a greater chance of being accepted. Those with gold and platinum will be considered even further.

While it’s still unclear what the project actually is, more news will likely surface during next week’s Resident Evil Showcase, which is set to deliver news on the upcoming Village and other aspects of the franchise.

beta points towards new multiplayer game
beta points towards new multiplayer game

A new trailer and gameplay will air during the presentation, giving viewers their first look at Resident-Evil Village, which has been described as the conclusion to the new story which kicked off in Resident-Evil VII: Biohazard.

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