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Xbox share a glimpse into 2021’s schedule of console releases

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Xbox share a glimpse

Xbox has unveiled its full slate of titles that are due to hit the Xbox consoles throughout the year.

In an Xbox Wire post, the company highlighted 30 games that Xbox owners can expect to find gracing their systems throughout the year. The list includes a mixture of heavy hitting titles such as Halo Infinite, to smaller niche projects such as The Gunk.

Xbox share a glimpse

Amongst Xbox’s titles for 2021, huge titles such as Psychonauts 2 and The Medium will be gracing the Xbox family, the latter being available later this month (January 28). Microsoft Flight Simulator will also be making the transition from PC with the console debut of its after receiving critical acclaim on PC last year.

Xbox share a glimpse

 The Gunk, and isometric cyberpunk themed The Ascent

Outside of that, smaller titles like the action adventure game The Gunk, and isometric cyberpunk themed The Ascent are set to entice gamers into their distinctive worlds. A new wave of Yakuza titles have also confirmed to be arriving in the first quarter, with the Remastered Collection of Yakuza 3, 4 & 5 on January twenty eight, followed by Yakuza six: The Song Of Life on March twenty five.

Other titles that remain absent from the company’s slate include the new Forza Motorsport and the upcoming Fable reboot, suggesting they will be skipping a 2021 release date for a later year. It is worth noting the article mentions that this is not the full list of upcoming titles.

Halo Infinite is arguably 2021’s biggest release for the Xbox systems, after its departure from the Xbox Series X launch window.

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