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Blizzard: is “biggest front-end upgrade” in years is on the way

0 2 2.0 on Steam 2.0 is due to arrive sometime in the coming weeks, and it is set to be the biggest upgrade since the client launched in 1996

Announced yesterday (January fourteen), Blizzard Entertainment revealed probably the biggest updates in 2.0 will come directly from the beta version, albeit in a more polished format.

Blizzard: is on Steam
Blizzard: is on Steam

A clear gap between Blizzard games

Main features include the ability to arrange and favourite games as the user sees fit. This strikes a clear divide between Blizzard games and those from other companies, which allows for a more streamlined atmosphere.

Friends can also be a far more prominent feature, with status and activity highlighted by game. Notifications and messages will now come through a combined centre. There’ll also be a full social interface with news and game updates taking centre stage in the form of a rolling full screen layout.

Blizzard is going to roll out the upgrade to parts of North America first, in order to regulate stability. After a few weeks, this will be applied to every other country.

Blizzard: is on Steam
Blizzard: is on Steam

Accessibility features will also be getting an important revamp, implementing screen reader support and contrast options. Keyboard navigation will be supported across most features of the app.

In their website announcement, the team said;

“This is just the beginning of new features coming to; we’ll keep iterating, improving, and adding to the app over time.

“ has been a huge part of our history going back to the release of the original Diablo in 1996. We’re proud of how it’s helped people connect and play Blizzard games together quickly and easily. With the latest release, we want to welcome players of all ability levels and make sure they have a smooth time navigating the app.”

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