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Unreal Engine Demake Reimagines Bloodborne With A PS1 Aesthetic

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A “demake” of Bloodborne is currently in development, taking its modern stylings to something that you might have played on the original PlayStation.

Bloodborne With A PS1 Aesthetic


A “demake” of Bloodborne is currently in development, moving the contemporary visuals, sound, gameplay… everything, seriously, from its contemporary stylings to something which you might have played on the original PlayStation in the late 90s.

Bloodborn PSX, as it’s known as, has been created utilizing Unreal Engine by Lilith Walther, that has been discussing gameplay demos on Twitter – demonstrating to above different reimagined elements which fans of the Souls inspired game will instantly understand.

The newest thread shows off some of various examples through the deconstructed game, which includes an update to the visceral attacks which make the animation “a bit more punchy.” The visceral strikes are usually much more survivable, whereas they’d previously been guaranteed to lead to immediate death. Additionally, viscerals could now occur by charge attacking enemies from behind. Lastly, in the form of viscerals, successfully landing an assault will heal the player controlled character up for their max rally potential.

Animation for participant deaths

The thread goes on to show off the animation for participant deaths, featuring the development made from the starting animation to a last video with the legendary “YOU DIED” information that you will get upon, well… declining, certainly.

Previous threads have featured oblivious playthroughs of test amounts, the particular implementation of the rally auto technician, and the inclusion on the endurance bar – all of which show off nostalgic PS1-like visuals and audio.

One of the primary activities coming to care about with Bloodborn PSX is Nightmare Creatures, which happens to be a survival horror title which was introduced in 1997. Overall gameplay and the visuals seem extremely similar, though only from the rapid glimpses of gameplay we have seen so much, Bloodborn PSX appears to be much more finely tuned than every game which was initially launched in the 90s. This is practical, although, provided Bloodborne PSX being created in Unreal Engine, in addition to the general dynamics of Souls video games often requiring pinpoint campaign accuracy.

It is well worth noting that Bloodborn PSX remains in development, with not one of the shown footage becoming final. Walther definitely would seem far more capable of creating a high quality last device, provided with her moment invested as Lead Coder at Heartstrings Studios within the indie JRPG, Witch, additionally to the recently released action adventure title, Arcus.

We might never find the long rumored remake of Nightmare Creatures, although Bloodborne PSX demake appears much more than effective at filling that void.

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