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New Rumor: Overwatch 2 Development Going Slow, Release Date May Be Delayed

3 20

A new rumor making the rounds about Overwatch 2 claims that the game’s development is going slow and it may launch later than expected.

Overwatch 2 Development Going Slow

Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2

Blizzard first announced Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon found November of 2019 with a remarkable cinematic that establish the stage for the story, while simultaneously revealing several of the new game modes along with other upgrades fans are able to expect at the game. Sadly, not a great deal of Overwatch two info has come to light after the game’s announcement, making fans in the dark with regards to Blizzard’s popular hero shooter franchise.

While Blizzard has mostly kept quiet about Overwatch 2 as the reveal trailer, followers are wanting a major reveal next month at BlizzCon. BlizzCon 2021 is slated to occur from February nineteen to twenty, and it is there where fans look to see Overwatch two again. Several fans have optimistically believed that an Overwatch two release date may even be discovered for BlizzCon 2021, but those fans might wish to keep the expectations of theirs balanced.


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An established Overwatch leaker called Metro not too long ago spoke concerning Overwatch two inside a Twitch stream. “I’ve read they are truly f***ing slow and they are delaying it,” Metro stated in reaction to a query by his Twitch chat. “From what I noticed, it does not sound great at all. It may sound as it is really much off.” Assuming Metro’s info is right, it appears to be not likely that an Overwatch two release day is located in the cards for BlizzCon.

Overwatch two at BlizzCon 2021

Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2

As for what fans are able to look to see from Overwatch two at BlizzCon 2021, Metro proposed that they might buy “a few” different hero announcements in the show, and also emphasized that no brand new heroes are coming on the starting Overwatch until eventually OW2’s launch. As much as fresh heroes go, the only person formally announced by Blizzard is Sojourn, that was discovered alongside Overwatch two at BlizzCon found November 2019.

While Metro has correctly leaked Overwatch info within the past, they’ve been incorrect about issues as well, therefore fans must have the info with a grain of salt. As many might recall, Metro had earlier reported that Overwatch one would be scrapped for Overwatch two, with the sequel just overtaking the initial game such as an update. Blizzard since pressed back against those claims, revealing Overwatch two to be its own discharge while discussing PvP with the initial game. Nevertheless, it has been said that, in a few stage, Overwatch and Overwatch two might very well merge together to be a single device, so maybe that’s what Metro was referring to with those original claims.

So while Metro’s case that Overwatch two improvement is going slow may be correct, fans should not get too anxious until they find out more from Blizzard within an official capacity. Overwatch two continues to be likely to be showcased at BlizzCon 2021 within February, therefore anyone curious ought to be certain to tune in to the show.

Overwatch two is in development for unspecified os’s.

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