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PUBG Mobile still playable with this 5-second trick: Is the India ban just a joke?

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PUBG Mobile still playable!

It’s been a couple of months now since the government’s decision to ban PUBG Mobile in India. In these months, there has been a great deal of development regarding the exact same. Every other day, you might see headlines on the internet telling you about how the game can come back to India and what would be brand new about it. That said, it seems a majority of Indian players are already enjoying PUBG Mobile like there was no ban implemented ever – because of one easy trick!

Yeah, it turns out you do not have to wait for the PUBG Mobile India version to re launch in India to be able to have a go at the Chicken Dinner. You are able to just play the same game that the majority of the planet is actually playing, complete with all the progress of yours, purchases and friends list. Sadly, iPhone users still have to wait for an official release via the App Store but there is no limitation to how Android users are able to play the game.

Is the PUBG Mobile ban just a joke
Is the PUBG Mobile ban just a joke

PUBG Mobile in India: How can one download it?

It turns out that the official ban on the app’s presence in Google Play Store along with other app stores is not sufficient. Neither is actually the site blockage for Indian users of any help. Numerous blogs and sites may direct you to download the OBB and APK files from third party app repositories, which could be unsafe for the Android phones of yours. Also Read – Today’s Tech News: Sony PlayStation five pre orders begin, PUBG Mobile 1.2 update released

Nevertheless, with a VPN service, you are able to just download the files from the official PUBG Mobile site, without risking your device’s security. Look at several of these measures below:

-Download any free VPN app on the Android device of yours. You will find plenty of such services on the Play Store, both paid and free. You do not have to be concerned about download speeds as the process simply takes five seconds.

-Once downloaded, latch on to a different region other than India.

-Then, open Chrome or perhaps any other web browser on your head and phone over to the PUBG Mobile global site.

-The site opens with the APK download link pasted right on top. Click on it and begin downloading the file.

-Since the file size is actually close to 624MB, you are able to turn off the VPN app midway to boost the download speeds of yours.

-Install the file after downloading and open PUBG Mobile. Let it install all of the necessary files and you’re all set. You are able to even sync the progress of yours with Facebook and other social media services.

PUBG-Mobile still playable with this 5-second trick
PUBG-Mobile still playable with this 5-second trick

It is all normal for fans

I tried out the same practice on the Android device of mine and it worked flawlessly. PUBG Mobile in its 1.2 update avatar looks as handsome, if not better since we last saw it before the ban. The performance has improved for midrange devices and the gameplay physics has got some boost as well, with improved animations and glitches fixed.

I tried out a TDM Deathmatch mode and it was surprising to see many Indian youngsters present in there, all flexing and verbal abusing (yeah, that is what Indian kids love about online gaming). I was waiting to see whether the game detects the Indian account and the Indian airwaves and cuts me off. But no! I manage to play five matches continuously without any bother!

Is the PUBG Mobile ban just a joke?

Based on the present situation, it certainly seems so. The absence of strong cybersecurity laws and enforcement is actually apparent in this particular situation. All of the federal government has done is simply asked the game distributors to remove the download links. The ban has no role in preventing a chance to access the game within India.

Given it’s upon us as law abiding citizens to go along with the law of the land, you need to hold on to your urges for downloading the game until the ban is actually lifted. Krafton initially wanted to take back the game in December 2020 but talks with the authorities failed, resulting in a delay in releasing PUBG Mobile India. The Indian version is actually said to bring some India specific upgrades and content for pleasing Indian players.

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