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STALKER two study ensures that it will deliver on the quality it promises

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Fans of STALKER two fans are eagerly awaiting

GSC Game World, the creator of the STALKER franchise, had a great farewell last year, releasing a brand new trailer for the new installment of the series focused on gameplay. The studio is aware that fans are eagerly awaiting the title and therefore took the chance to create a far more substantial development update and also describe what’s displayed in the trailer.

If on New Year’s Eve you were extremely busy and could not take care of the video game news, you must know that in a few days before 2021 the developer GSC Game World shared a new trailer for STALKER two with a small test of the game gameplay.

Fans of STALKER two fans are eagerly awaiting
Fans of STALKER two fans are eagerly awaiting

Clearly, the video clip is actually short and what happens is actually a little strange, so the studio took advantage of the official Xbox site to discuss the trailer. Based on the developer, it’d been a long time since she’d shared the previous trailer, so she made a decision to release another one, more focused on gameplay.

Just in case you missed it: STALKER two is only confirmed for Xbox Series X|PC and S and they state that the PlayStation five version is not in development.

The dangers of the Zone are back

The dangers of the Zone are back As we told you, in this new installment you are going to control a new protagonist, who’s the code name Skif. The scene presented by GSC Game World takes place in the abandoned premises of a school on the outskirts of the ghost town Pripyat, which is reportedly extremely dangerous.

As is actually typical in the series, the Zone is precisely and back in the trailer one of its mysterious discharges of anomalous energy occurs, which is why Skif is actually in a hurry, because as soon as he realized it, he ran to seek refuge, already that these broadcasts are able to kill survivors instantly.

Fans of STALKER-two fans are eagerly awaiting
Fans of STALKER-two fans are eagerly awaiting

Evidently in the trailer, these broadcasts cause many abnormal events in the immediate vicinity and if one wants to stay alive they must hide and hang on for the broadcast to end, as it is able to alter the meaning of many things, such as the personal digital assistant device, that may be seen in the preview, that is enlivened by the song Life Line, by the rock group Splean.

GSC provided a development update for STALKER two

GSC provided a development update for STALKER two Additionally, the designer in charge of the title didn’t miss the chance to assure fans that the development of STALKER two is actually on the right track for both the Xbox Series X|S and the PC versions. GSC Game World promised that the game will provide probably the highest quality on these platforms and said it was “pleased” that the title is actually taking the shape of the “ultimate experience” it promised, one with fast SSD support, ray tracing on Xbox. Series X|S and also 4K resolution on Xbox Series X (in addition to PC).

Unfortunately, the company is not prepared to share a release date just yet, so fans will have to keep waiting indefinitely. Nevertheless, GSC Game World recalled that the name at the launch of its will also be available on Xbox Game Pass.

What did you think of the STALKER two development update? Are you currently waiting for this game? Tell us in the comments.

In case you answered yes to the previous question, then you ought to know this project is quite ambitious, as the developer suggests that it is going to have one of the most and largest fluid open worlds in history.

STALKER two doesn’t yet have a release date or even window, but it’s likely to debut on Xbox Series X|S as a console exclusive and on PC. You are able to find more news related to him in case you go to this page.

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