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Hitman 3 Buyers on PC Get Free Hitman 1 DLC

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IO Interactive will be giving Hitman 3 buyers on PC free access to Hitman 1 DLC as a long-term solution for DLC on the EGS is made.

Hitman 3 Buyers

Hitman 3 Buyers
Hitman 3 Buyers

The forthcoming launch of Hitman three is highly anticipated. IO Interactive ‘s future stealth game will job players with executing creative assassinations across the planet, with missions in Dubai, Berlin, along with anywhere else. If the starting game’s content was not enough, nonetheless, IO Interactive is going to let players transfer missions from the first Hitman and Hitman two on the brand new game. But after encountering issues, as well as kicking above a controversy, IO has gone forward and also generated Hitman 1 ‘s DLC at first accessible to other Pc buyers.

The controversy involves the divide in between Pc storefronts Steam and also the Epic Games Store, which is not the last or first time a problem has cropped up between the 2. IO originally promised Hitman three buyers that owning Hitman one or two would result in their material unlocking in Hitman three. That ‘ll remain the case on non PC platforms, though the Pc differs. That is because Hitman three is an Epic Games Store premium on Pc and revealing details as game ownership between the 2 platforms is not easy.


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Additionally, there is an even larger problem to account for. Which being that Hitman two is not actually on the Epic Games Store. Even when IO can check with Steam to determine if a player already has Hitman two, the content may well not be found to transfer into players’ profiles. IO is going to have to determine a means to possibly release Hitman two on the Epic Games Store quickly or even must give off its own DLC for Hitman two articles in Hitman 3. Either option spending a considerable level of time.

IO’s result

Hitman 3 Buyers

For the time being, IO’s result is apologizing in order to the community and also to devote itself to discovering an alternative that gives the content as promised. To duplicate, IO is guaranteeing which Hitman three players won’t have to repurchase Hitman one or perhaps two with the Epic Games Store to get the content they must get from having the video games on Steam.

IO states that its program to provide this content to Hitman three buyers will roll out within the “coming weeks,” which is not much of a wait all items considered. In the meantime, IO is offering permission to access the Hitman one GOTY Access Pass to everybody that buys Hitman three inside the first ten days of release.

There was definitely a burgeoning controversy prepared to explode below. Also to be good to those disappointed by IO’s communication in the last couple of days, this’s an issue which ought to have been fixed well before today. Having said that, Hitman fans must be pleased to check out IO aggressively working to fix the issue. It might not be repaired by Hitman 3 ‘s launch, though it’ll evidently be fixed shortly.

Hitman three releases January twenty on Pc, Xbox One, Stadia, Switch, PS5, PS4, and also Xbox Series X/S.

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