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Rumor: Final Fantasy 7 Remake Coming to PC and PS5

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A new rumor making the rounds online suggests that Square Enix may be porting Final Fantasy 7 Remake to new platforms sooner rather than later.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Coming to PC and PS5

Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Final Fantasy 7 Remake

One of PlayStation’s nearly all shocking E3 unexpected situations was the announcement of long awaited Final Fantasy seven Remake, with the game pressed as among the PS4’s most significant highly sought after titles. After a lengthy advancement cycle, Final Fantasy seven Remake launched year that is last as a PS4 extraordinary game, standing as one of the top rated PS4 exclusives that launched in all of 2020. Nevertheless, a brand new rumor indicates the game’s PS4 exclusivity might eventually be visiting an end.

Industry insider KatharsisT has suggested that Square Enix is going to announce Final Fantasy seven Remake ports in some point later on this year. Apparently, Final Fantasy seven Remake is coming to PlayStation and PC five, with the PS5 edition not far off. It has long been anticipated that Final Fantasy seven Remake’s PS4 exclusivity will be limited time, although KatharsisT made absolutely no mention of the game coming to the of PlayStation’s fighting consoles.

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Final Fantasy seven Remake was never going to remain limited on the PS4 permanently, therefore it is not every thing that surprising that you will find rumblings of PS5 and PC ports. All things considered, April is going to mark one season after Final Fantasy seven Remake’s launch, along with frequently these exclusivity deals last about 12 months. It is not clear if this means that a possible Final Fantasy seven Remake Xbox port is located in the cards too, although that is been rumored in the past. Perhaps it is going to come eventually, but maybe the PS5 and PC ports are in line initially. Until Square Enix tends to make an official announcement, most fans are able to do is speculate.

PS5 has special features that are not on the PS4

Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Final Fantasy 7 Remake

If the rumors of a Final Fantasy seven Remake PS5 port are correct, it is going to be good to find out what it comes on the kitchen table. All things considered, the PS5 has special features that are not on the PS4, which includes significantly faster load times and also the DualSense controller. And whether Final Fantasy seven Remake is acquiring a correct PS5 release with fresh bells & whistles, a person must wonder if Square Enix is releasing it to be a standalone game and if all those that now have the PS4 edition will likely be treated to a totally free upgrade.

Naturally, Final Fantasy seven Remake is technically playable on the PS5 done so already. Because of the PlayStation 5 ‘s backwards compatibility with PS4, Final Fantasy seven Remake along with a number of additional FF titles can be found on Sony’s next generation console right from the gate. Nevertheless, it’d still be good to see a more advanced version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake that shoots full benefit of the PlayStation 5 ‘s abilities.

Besides potential Final Fantasy seven Remake ports, fans might also prefer to read about Final Fantasy seven Remake Part two, that’ll continue the story where the initial game left off. Some current Square Enix trademarks claim that much more info on that game may come later on this year, therefore fans must keep a watch out. A message out of the mocap actor for Final Fantasy seven Remake’s Aerith suggests a broadening of a surprise pairing within the coming episode.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is out today, solely for the PS4.

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