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Here’s What Satisfactory ’s 4th Update Will Include (When It Finally Arrives)

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Satisfactory ,It’s been almost a year since the last major update landed, and there’s reason to believe the next one is around the corner.

Satisfactory Update


Satisfactory – Coffee Stain Studios’ extremely rewarding open world factory sim – is nearly 2 decades into its Early Access stage right now, and also rumblings of its upcoming significant update are in the atmosphere.

On February eleven, it’ll have been a whole 12 months since Satisfactory ‘s last major update – Update three – which brought piping into the game. Before that, Update two introduced nuclear power and trains in June 2019. So it will make sense for the quarter update to be rearing the head of its sometime fairly soon, right?


STALKER two study ensures that it will deliver on the quality it promises

Just in case you did not know, Satisfactory has a function to replace its creepy bots with cats as part of an “Arachnophobia Mode.” And in case you are imagining said cats being cute little cuddlefluffs that are fully animated and mixture as seamlessly directly into the game’s virtual community as possible, you are completely incorrect.

If you’ve a gander at this particular video, you will realize that instead these cats are simply 2D pictures of cats blown as many as vaguely deal with the area in space which the spider would otherwise have used up. They sort of just slide awkwardly across the ground in hot goal of you, nevertheless emitting vaguely spidery noises as they do so.

An actual date


The folks over in the Satisfactory Community News website reckon that “the 4th main update is right across the corner,” according to details which are “slowly revealing themselves.” An actual date stays elusive though.

For the time being, we are able to begin warming upwards our Craft Benches with several of this intriguing intel around what Update four will present into the game. For starters, Coffee Stain Studios itself has established that Tier eight investigation is visiting your extraterrestrial world. Judging by this, it is safe to state that a good deal of items that are new are on the manner in which! You may be interested in reading this

Moreover, how Tier eight and also Tier seven are literally organized will in addition get somewhat of a makeover apparently; the strategy getting making the changeover between them smoother.

Gas is visiting Satisfactory


Gas (specifically nitrogen) is visiting Satisfactory, that had been previously teased within the game’s FICSMAS function during a festive time of year. To help you in mining this brand new resource, we will have to use 2 brand new buildings that the update will present – the Resource Well Resource and Pressurizer Well Extractor.

It seems there’ll be a couple of recipe variations too. The devs have determined that aluminium production has cause a design of player frustration and can therefore be made simpler. In the same way, Turbo Motors are getting bumped up to look into Tier eight after having been deemed extremely complicated for Tier seven. Also on how are modifications to Battery generation, Nuclear Fuel Rod generation, Supercomputers, as well as Radio Control Units, and we might be experiencing a way to cope with nuclear waste too.

Sadly we still do not know precisely when the much anticipated update will make itself known, though the devs have seemingly been focusing on February 2021 , For more watch Click Here

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