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STALKER 2 Coming to Xbox Game Pass on Day One, Will Feature New Protagonist

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A new update for STALKER 2 reveals the game will be available on Game Pass at launch and will focus on a new lead protagonist.

STALKER 2 Coming to Xbox Game


Shown above briefly as a marquee console exclusive coming on the Xbox Series X, STALKER two was very easily among the largest announcements from Microsoft previous year. The creator on the game, GSC Game World, is fairly tight lipped on the name in the weeks since, revealing small concerning how much the brand new iteration of the cult classic apocalyptic survival game will be about or perhaps would have.

That has been until a couple of days ago, once the studio unveiled new details about its long-awaited STALKER follow-up and also the technical qualities players can anticipate from it along the Xbox Wire blog. The update clarifies the game is going to be on Xbox Game Pass at launch, indicating all those not familiar with STALKER along with its distinctive form of gameplay will have the ability to dip the toes of theirs in on the morning of introduction without generting a complete investment decision.

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Alongside the clarification of STALKER 2 ‘s Game Pass discharge, the post in addition discusses much more about its brand new lead character and also the risks he will have to experience. Referred to as Skif, GSC claims the protagonist’s journey is going to see him make choices which “shape the brand new grand chapter in the story on the Zone.” Although GSC never will go into detail concerning the protagonist and the goals of his, it appears to be likely he will be trying to attain the middle of apocalyptic Zone, with earlier iterations of the series mostly centering around characters looking to reach the location due to its otherworldly powers.

More Details


The game will even offer 4K visuals on Xbox Series X as well as ray tracing, guaranteeing it is offering cutting edge technology befitting of the debut of its on consoles. As for the technology being used to run STALKER two, GSC claims the SSD has been a huge help, while simultaneously citing that equally Series S as well as Series X versions of the name will use RTX support. The staff has no tight announcement of a release day, but do case that creation is going smoothly so far.

For all those who skipped the announcement of STALKER two year that is last, the game is visiting both Xbox Series X as well as PC. It will be the very first entry within the STALKER franchise after 2009’s Call of Pripyat, again happening in the series’ post apocalyptic Russian setting: The Zone. Although rarely reaching mainstream status, earlier iterations of the franchise discovered a great deal of recognition amongst Pc players due to their harsh survival gameplay and gripping environment, as players had to survive radioactively mutated horrors along with other hostile survivors. The brand new entry appears to become a thrilling and much more technologically savvy take over the concept.

STALKER 2 is now in development for Pc as well as Xbox Series X.

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