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Man Fined For Playing Pokemon GO During Lockdown

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Pokemon GO , UK police fine a man who broke COVID-19 lockdown rules in order to play the popular augmented reality mobile game.

Pokemon GO During Lockdown

Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

Much of the Uk is now under lockdown as the country tries to get a handle on the continuous COVID 19 pandemic. These lockdown limitations ask that individuals do not leave the homes of theirs for extraneous things, like playing the famous augmented reality movable game Pokemon , for example. Nevertheless, not everybody is following the rules, with one male within the UK fined to break lockdown rules to relax Pokemon GO.

Based on the BBC, a male gone on a trip from Bedworth to Kenilworth to find Pokemon to capture in Pokemon . He admitted just as much to police as well as was fined £200 (which means about 1dolar1 270) for the actions of his. Talking on the BBC, a spokeswoman with the authorities said, “We would love to remind folks they mustn’t escape or even be outside their house unless they’ve a sensible excuse.” Despite what some Pokemon GO fans might feel, playing the game isn’t a good reason to kick lockdown.

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This is not the very first time that a person has reduced lockdown rules to relax Pokemon . Last 12 months, an Italian male was stopped by police after he and his child had been found outside playing Pokemon , because he had to “hunt the Pokemon.” The male was reportedly recharged for his choice to break lockdown to have fun Pokemon , although it is unclear what punishment he faced just.

Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

legal problems

While the latest Pokemon related fines and legal problems revolve around the COVID 19 pandemic, players used getting in trouble for other activities. At the height of Pokemon’s reputation, it was not unusual for stories high pop up about folks entering private home in hunt of Pokemon. There was also several instances of people participating in Pokemon while traveling, which had lethal effects in several instances.

To the credit of its, Pokemon GO creator Niantic has extended had warning communications in the game advising individuals to ensure they’re playing it safely. It’s also made modifications to Pokemon to bank account for the continuous COVID 19 pandemic, making it easier for players to enjoy the game without leaving the homes of theirs. This obviously still has not stopped individuals from giving the homes of theirs to relax Pokemon anyway, although hopefully that action comes to an end.

Eventually, Pokemon GO players are going to be ready to enjoy the game like regular again, but for today, it could be ideal for many players to enjoy the game from the security of the house rather than venturing away into the world.

Pokemon GO is out now for iOS as well as Android mobile units.

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