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Ace Combat 7 Adding New Content to Celebrate 2nd Anniversary

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Bandai Namco releases several iconic skins of the past in the latest Ace Combat 7 DLC, also referencing the series’ 25th anniversary.

Ace Combat 7 Adding New Content

Ace Combat 7
Ace Combat 7

When Bandai Namco’s Ace Combat seven released on January 18th, 2019, fans that are many considered the game as being a return to its series form. Adopting the spin off Assault Horizon as well as the free-to-play Infinity, Ace Combat seven marked the return of the primary series for the very first time after 2007’s Ace Combat six.

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of Ace Combat seven, a title which has gotten developer assistance throughout 2020. In order to commemorate the event, Bandai Namco is going to release ten fighter skins and ten emblems on January 19th. All of the martial artist skins showcased within the “2nd Anniversary Update” can make references to previous Ace Combat games along with glitches. You may be interested in reading this

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Among the skins, the “X 02S Glowing,” described a glitch inside Ace Combat seven that could bring about certain planes to glow after using a particular skin. The “Phoenix” skin of the F 22A Raptor as well as the “Scarface” skin for the Su 37 Terminator is based on the flagship planes offered by Air Combat as well as Ace Combat two respectively. A complete list of the skins as well as the references of theirs to earlier games will be seen below.

  • Air Combat’s Phoenix skin for F-22A Raptor
  • Ace Combat 2′s Scarface skin for Su-37 Terminator
  • Ace Combat 04′s Mobius skin for F-4E Phantom II
  • Ace Combat Zero’s Crow skin for F-16C Fighting Falcon
  • Ace Combat X’s Gryphus skin for F-22A Raptor
  • Ace Combat 6′s Garuda skin for F-15E Strike Eagle
  • Ace Combat Infinity’s Ridgebacks skin for ASF-X Shinden II
  • Ace Combat 3′s UPEO skins for Typhoon and Su-37 Terminator

The year 2020 had also been a crucial 12 months for Ace Combat followers as it marked the 25th anniversary of very first game, Air Combat found 1995. Due to COVID 19, nonetheless, the celebration was delayed, but referenced by producer Manabu Shimomoto. with the 2nd anniversary of Ace Combat seven, time fans that are long of the series will take pleasure in the attention to detail provided by the designers as the series will continue to strive.

Ace Combat 7 : Skies Unknown is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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