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Ninja Gaiden Director Announces New Studio Itagaki Games

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Tomonobu Itagaki, the director of the Dead or Alive fighting game series and the challenging Ninja Gaiden reboot, confirms he’s opened a new studio.

Ninja Gaiden Director

Ninja Gaiden
Ninja Gaiden

Within the first ten years on the 2000s, Tomonobu Itagaki was obviously a significant player in the video game market. Between 2000 as well as 2008, he produced or directed ten video games, almost all of which were uniquely common, with the majority of from the Dead or Ninja and alive Gaiden franchises. Yet Itagaki released only one game between 2008 and so as a director, that becoming Devil’s Third. It seems Itagaki is prepared for getting back in to the grind, however. He is today confirmed to have opened a brand new game studio.

Monday early morning Itagaki announced the development of the new studio of his, Itagaki Games. The announcement was produced on Facebook, wherever he confirmed he has started the company with the intention of focusing on game development once more. All that particular Itagaki shared outside of that’s that Itagaki Games isn’t associated with Tecmo, which posted his Dead or perhaps Ninja and alive Gaiden games, neither could it be regarding Valhalla Game Studios, whose Itagaki co founded and also generated Devil’s Third with.

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Itagaki also clarifies that he’s no ties staying with Valhalla Game Studios on the whole. He resigned from studio within 2017 and possesses spent the yrs since coaching, fostering juniors. The development of Itagaki Games belongs to his feelings concerning needing to create a game once again.

Ninja Gaiden
Ninja Gaiden

The inventor of the Alive or dead combat game

That is all that is now known about the circumstances. The inventor of the Alive or dead combat game (and seaside volleyball) franchise, in addition to the reboot on the Ninja Gaiden franchise, wants to make games once again. It is not clear whether Itagaki Games has got the funding to do and so, or even in case it is actually started hiring new staff. No matter, given Itagaki’s historical past, it is really worth focusing on what he plans to perform going forward.

Personally this particular worries me, seeing as I like the Ninja Gaiden and also the DOA series and value the ability of theirs to put the skills of mine as a gamer on the test. I think the apology of his for each of the games is not needed, because both video games had been titles which are great that I’d a blast playing. When Itakagi was with Team Ninja as well as Tecmo he’d the capability to condition the game as he needed, but now he’s with Valhalla and THQ these modifications enter into impression. While toning down game play difficulty may seem as a wise decision to some, it simply does not look like a product you’d expect from Itagaki.

This’s the next change that I’ve seen in Itagaki’s advancement design, which caused me worry. The very first was when I observed the absence of “top heavy” females within the Devil’s Third trailer. For starters, no scantily clad females and today an easier problem set, these’re things that the male is known for that’s now gone. Whats next a Cliffy B game with zero gore?

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