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Genshin Impact Players Receive Free Gifts for Diona’s Birthday

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Genshin Impact celebrates Diona’s birthday with players by giving away a specialty dish as well as one rare but mysterious item.

Genshin Impact Players Receive Free Gifts

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

Today is Diona’s birthday celebration, and also in order to celebrate it, Genshin Impact has provided at bay 2 things to players for totally free. Nevertheless, one thing has no current use in game, though it is conceivable that it may be necessary in the future.

Diona is a more recent persona on the Genshin Impact roster, launched alongside the Version 1.2 upgrade as the very first four star character be introduced post launch. She has proven to be a crucial support member for players needing a Cryo or maybe bow user, though several players actually run her to be a DPS with the proper build. Diona might not store a candle to Ganyu but is or else a good Cryo/bow persona for free-to-play players.

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Though Diona is a bartender in the Cat’s Tail Tavern, she desires nothing much more than to tear bad Mondstadt’s wine business. She actually dubs herself “Wine Industry Slayer,” a name which is tough to uphold when Mondstadt’s inhabitants like the drinks of her. In Diona’s birthday note, she specially states that she attempted to make the “worst tasting cocktail ever” by grinding upwards Golden Loach Pearls as well as putting the powder directly into drinks. Alas, it became a profitable drink and also her patrons enjoyed the strange concoction.

Diona offers the player ten Loach Pearls

With the information, Diona offers the player ten Loach Pearls as well as her specialty recipe, Not at all Bar Food! The player has a probability of producing Not at all Bar Food! when preparing Mondstadt Grilled Fish with Diona. It revives and restores ten % of a character ‘s maximum well being and also an additional 150 HP. Unfortunately, it is not as helpful as a number of other food products in Genshin Impact.

But Diona even gives away 10 Loach Pearls, that presently have no utilization within Genshin Impact. Loach Pearls are usually usually obtained by holding Golden Loaches available Liyue, near Dihua Marsh along with Stone Gate. While various other birthday messages offer helpful products like character Ascension supplies and unique food products, Loach Pearls are not utilized for virtually any type of crafting or maybe Ascension, at minimum, not yet.

Some Genshin Impact players theorize the Loach Pearls are useful for someone or something soon. Many folks are hoping that it will not be used for Ascension due to how difficult it’s catching Golden Loaches, but maybe it’ll be used for later weapons. Version 1.2 introduced brand new weapons and crafting items, and Version 1.3 is rumored to get new weapons.

While Inazuma likely will not discharge till Version 1.4, next blower speculation that Genshin Impact ‘s story is going to continue to center around Liyue for time being, it is likely that Inazuma will add new weaponry to slip upcoming characters.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for Switch.

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