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Skyrim Mod Makes It Playable At 60fps On PS5 With Trophies Enabled

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To keep trophies, you download and enable the mod, restart Skyrim Mod , delete and disable the mod, and voila. It’s a bit tedious, but it works.

Skyrim Mod

Skyrim Mod
Skyrim Mod

You will not need to wait long for the inevitable Skyrim PS5 port to enjoy the game inside 60FPS as a single mod has just released that lifts the cap. As an additional benefit, there is a workaround so it does not disable trophies, either, which means you are able to perform Bethesda’s struck RPG without sacrificing out on achievements.

The mod is just titled’ Skyrim 60fps’ and also it is from a person known as Wrighton. Perusing the profile of his, you are able to get the very same mod albeit with FOV modifications to shoe, these being raises to eighty five, ninety, and 120.

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You are able to, as these’re produced of the wedge, apply these mods on PS4 and also PS4 Pro but, obviously, unlocking the FPS cap about the much less impressive hardware may result in some overall performance problems that the PS5 would usually take proper care of , You remember Grelod the Kind? The evil owner and operator of Honorhall Orphanage in Riften? Well, if not, she is the first person you’ve to kill as part of the Dark Brotherhood line of quests. She is a horrible lady that appears to enjoy torturing kids, so killing her really is not all that big a deal.

Skyrim Mod

Next gen platforms

While trophies are still enabled on this mod, utilizing others within conjunction will, sadly, continue to turn off them altogether. Which means that both next gen platforms may now play Skyrim from 60FPS, with Fallout four also joining in on the pleasure over at Xbox.

Nevertheless, exactly how are trophies enabled? Surely,’s immediate method disables them with the gate when you choose to download Wrighton’s mod? There is a workaround that is detailed in the description of his – you simply download and enable the mod, reactivate Skyrim, delete as well as disable the mod, and then voila.

The issue is that, in case you choose to do this, you’ve to re-do it every time you open and close Skyrim. If trophies are that very important, this might be a small amount of an arduous task for every boot up. Nevertheless, in case they matter almost as getting 60FPS does and you cannot hold out for an official Bethesda update or maybe port, then this’s, sadly, the one still offered workaround to get both. It is definitely a thing to tide players over, and also returning to thirty after having Ralof’s smooth easy animations within 60FPS is nigh out of the question, More Watch Here.

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