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Two key verbs drive role-playing games across all subgenres and platforms: hack and slash. Typically, they’re employed in the context of swords and other bladed weapons, like axes.

But it’s an oft-overlooked fact that axes have another important function in medieval society as well. Maybe you’ve seen the sunlight glint on your axe’s keen edge as you wandered one of the forests of Gielinor. Perhaps you wondered if there wasn’t more to your digital life than slaying countless monsters with your hatchet.

Surely you’ve guessed it by now — monsters aside, axes are the ideal tool for the hacking and chopping of trees. Give those goblins and spiders a break as you employ your axe in another worthwhile endeavor.

It’s time to talk about the Market 4 Games 1-99 Woodcutting Guide OSRS F2P edition.

I’m a Lumberjack, and I’m Okay

The Ultimate OSRS F2P Woodcutting Guide
The Ultimate OSRS F2P Woodcutting Guide

Like Firemaking, the Woodcutting skill in OldSchool RuneScape is fairly straightforward. If you have an axe — not a battleaxe, a regular one — you have everything you need for a long and prestigious career as a lumberjack.

Naturally, you’ll want to improve your axe as you improve in Woodcutting. The axes available to you as an OSRS F2P Woodcutting Guide acolyte are as follows:

Axe Type Woodcutting Level Attack Level (to Wield) Cost
Bronze 1 1 16gp (shop)
Iron 1 1 56gp (shop)
Steel 6 5 200gp (shop)
Black 11 10 350gp (GE)
Mithril 21 20 100gp (GE)
Adamant 31 30 500gp (GE)
Rune 41 40 7,000gp (GE)

Note that if you want to wield an axe so it doesn’t occupy an inventory slot, you’ll need a relatively comparable Attack level to your Woodcutting level. Perhaps you’re working through our Combat guide concurrently with this one. Whatever your approach, wielding your axe will add up to fewer bank runs over time if you’re saving the logs for sale or leveling other skills.

The Ultimate OSRS F2P Woodcutting Guide
The Ultimate OSRS F2P Woodcutting Guide

If you aren’t interested in selling the logs — or if you’re an Ultimate Ironman — banking your Woodcutting products may not be an option. While this isn’t an OSRS F2P Ironman Woodcutting Guide in particular, it will look pretty much the same no matter how you go about it. Lots and lots of hacking at trees.

Regardless of what sort of player you are, dropping logs means less time running and more time chopping. Are you a minimal XP waste sort of player, or do you stop to pick up coins on the ground, no matter how few? Either way, we’ll have a leveling route for you just ahead as we continue through our F2P Woodcutting Guide OSRS players like yourself have voted the best OSRS Woodcutting Guide F2P Edition that High Ground Gaming has to offer.

Is It Deforestation if the Trees Respawn? 

The Ultimate OSRS F2P Woodcutting Guide
The Ultimate OSRS F2P Woodcutting Guide

The road from here to level 99 Woodcutting is covered with trees of all shapes and sizes. Starting at the bottom, you’ll be felling the nameless tier trees that are the most abundant across Gielinor’s expanse. After that, you’ll get into more exotic logs like Oak, Willow, and eventually Maple and Yew.

Though perhaps not so much Maple. More on that later.

Tree Type Target Level XP Per Log XP Needed Number of Logs
Normal 15 25 2,411 97
Oak 30 37.5 10,952 293

At this point, there’s a fork in the road. Grinding ahead to Level 45 Woodcutting opens up the opportunity for you to cut Maple trees. The once Member-exclusive trees are now available to F2P players as well.

But there is a catch. For F2P players, Maples can only be found at the Corsair Cove Resource Area  – among the most inconvenient and inefficient areas for F2P players to access. So you sure could start cut Maples at this point, but the question remains whether you would want to.

Maybe you wish to bank the Maples of yours and other logs for Firemaking or perhaps profit. It is really up to you. Dropping the logs of yours and saving yourself trips to the bank will yield better XP rates, of course. But from here on out in this F2P OSRS Woodcutting Guide, we will illuminate the various routes you are able to take in pursuit of efficiency or perhaps profit.

They’ll both end up at the same place, though. Level 99 Woodcutting awaits.

OSRS F2P Woodcutting Guide: The Route of Maximum Profit

The Ultimate OSRS F2P Woodcutting Guide
The Ultimate OSRS F2P Woodcutting Guide

This is the juicy part of our OSRS F2P Woodcutting Guide. Namely, the part where you make lots of money!

Tree Type Target Level XP Per Log XP Needed Number of Logs
Willow 45 67.5 48,149xp 714
Maple 60 100 225,593xp 2256
Yew 99 175 12,760,689xp 72,919

As mentioned before, getting to the F2P Maple trees requires access to the Corsair Cove Resource Area. To access it, you have to have completed Dragon Slayer, which, as the ultimate F2P quest, will require a good bit of legwork.

You will also want to complete The Corsair Curse quest for access to the Corsair Cove bank. Or else, you will be a long ship ride away from anywhere you are able to store your logs.

It really is just Yews and Maples between you and ninety nine on the Route of Maximum Profit. For the Yew trees, you will want ones located fairly close to a bank – like the ones in Edgeville, outside the East Varrock wall, or perhaps West of Lumbridge Castle. Keep stacking those Yew logs in the bank of yours, and you will have a tidy sum by the time you reach max level.

OSRS F2P Woodcutting Guide: The Route of Maximum Efficiency

The Ultimate OSRS F2P Woodcutting Guide
The Ultimate OSRS F2P Woodcutting Guide

What if you’ve got limited time to play, and you want to maximize those gains? Well, that’s where this section of the grind comes into play.

Tree Type Target Level XP Per Log XP Needed Number of Logs
Oak 60 37.5 260,379 6,944
Willow 99 67.5 12,760,689 189,047

For maximum efficiency, you’ll be spending a lot more time with Oak and Willow trees. Maple and Yew don’t even enter the picture. When dropping logs, the fastest XP to be found is with these two tree types over level 30.

Sticking with Oak for some time after unlocking Willow helps to maintain momentum as it will not be until around level sixty that you are able to harvest Willow logs as quickly as you are able to Oak logs. It is rather monotonous to cling to one tree type for very long, although, so you might wish to throw in some Yew and Maple log runs when you are level eighty or perhaps higher just for the variety.

When you are dropping logs anyway, it does not actually matter how far you’re from a bank. And perhaps you may use the opportunity to bank a few inventories full of logs just to have something to show for the grind. As with all things in all guides, it is truly up to you. We simply present the options.

To the Lumber Yard!

The Ultimate OSRS F2P Woodcutting-Guide
The Ultimate OSRS F2P Woodcutting-Guide

Whether you choose maximum profit or efficiency, remember to keep your banks close and your axe closer. Stick with Oaks and Willows for fast XP, or run up the ladder through Maple and Yew for some serious coin when all is said and done.

We wish you the best in your Woodcutting endeavors and wherever else your adventures in Market 4 Games take you. Feel free to leave us some feedback in a comment on this or any of our articles — and as always, we’ll see you in the next guide.