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When will the Predator skin come out in Fortnite Season 5? Release date and everything known so far

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The Predator skin in Fortnite Season 5, being heavily teased

The Predator skin has been one of the most-anticipated bounty hunter skins in Fortnite Season 5, being heavily teased.

This hunter’s pod has already arrived at Stealthy Stronghold, and the Predator challenges are also live in the game. Given that the banner and spray are out, everyone knows that it’s the Predator skin coming to Fortnite.

But the entire community is excited to know when exactly?

When will the Predator Skin be coming to Fortnite?

The Predator skin in Fortnite was confirmed via the banner and spray, which arrived with the 15.20 update. Both were tied with the first set of Predator challenges in Fortnite.

These challenges are straightforward and can be completed in a single run. The next couple of Predator challenges, however, haven’t been unlocked yet. When it comes to the skin in Fortnite, it will also be linked to a quest in-game.

According to the battle pass section right now, the Predator skin drops in Fortnite in one day.

 the Predator skin come out in Fortnite Season 5
the Predator skin come out

It has been estimated that the Predator-skin in Fortnite is going to be readily available with the 15.21 update. Thus, if the skin drops in 1 day, which is actually tomorrow, then fans are able to believe that the 15.21 update will be arriving tomorrow also.

On the contrary, data miner iFiremonkey believes that the new 15.21 update will see the number of days for the challenge to unlock increase.

He thinks that Epic Games loves to have a high player count, and it technically doesn’t make sense to drop numerous free rewards in such a short span.

The Predator-skin in Fortnite is not the only new bounty hunter skin coming to the game. Rumors say that the Terminator will be coming to the island too.

Why the Terminator? Well, because the reload animation on the Lever Action Shotgun resembles the way the Terminator reloaded the weapon. Secondly, the actor that played the Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was also the character responsible for killing the Predator in the first movie.

The Predator skin will likely be in Fortnite tomorrow, and even if it does not reach the game on the day, it’ll be there in-game soon enough. And once this hunter has made it to the island, no one is safe.

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