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Rumored Battlefield 3 Remaster is Unlikely

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Those hoping for information on the Battlefield 3 Remaster should lower their expectations, as a reputable leaker believes it will not happen.

Battlefield 3 Remaster

Battlefield 3
Battlefield 3

For most, Battlefield three remains the greatest game in the sequence, as the game perfected the contemporary environment and featured several of the greatest maps within the franchise. As a result, it’s tough to blame fans for becoming excited over the Battlefield three remaster rumors from year that is last – though it appears as the hopes of a kept up to date variant have been shot down.

Though Battlefield six will apparently occur in World War three, bringing players to a contemporary setting, it looks like this’s probably the closest players will go to a modernized Battlefield three. While the original drip from YouTuber Daqarie seemed to promise when it published, it’s since been shot down, seemingly by Daqarie himself. While this would usually be considered a terrible sign, among the industry ‘s most reputable leakers Tom Henderson has discussed a lot more proof from a remaster.


Strange Rumor: Battlefield 6 Will Include 128-Player Maps, Inspired By Battlefield 3

Based on Henderson, there’s no weight at all behind the Battlefield three remaster rumors that started year that is last. Checking out with a number of the own sources of his, Henderson not just discovered that there’s no concrete information on a Battlefield three remaster of any type, but the leaker Daqarie’s last source became a former QA tester at EA. With the tester not working for the business, although, the info can’t be trusted. Additionally, while Henderson has really heard nothing about Battlefield three, he makes another solid point against the concept.
Battlefield 3

Henderson for EA

Per Henderson, releasing Battlefield six and Battlefield three simultaneously makes very little sense for EA money wise. The leaker points out which both games are established in time period, something which makes the rumors appear more inaccurate. In the video of his on the subject, Henderson highlights a similar situation with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered as well as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s discharge, revealing that the real difference was the games’ respective ways. With one game set down the road and one set in contemporary day, the two release didn’t split the player base almost as this doubled up Battlefield drop would.

This’s definitely unfortunate information for old school Battlefield followers which wanted to see their preferred game remastered, although not all hope is lost. Battlefield six will supposedly get inspiration from Battlefield three and the map design of its, meaning that memorable happenings such as the dive off The clashes and damavand Peak on Operation Metro might be going on once again. Additionally, if motivation is taken from Battlefield three, possibly somewhat more energy is put into creating memorable experiences for the Rush game setting.

Even with Battlefield six sounding quite promising, although, Henderson shutting on the Battlefield three remaster rumors will surely be discouraging to many. For the time being, and also for the foreseeable long term, players will simply have to continue playing the original Battlefield three.

Battlefield 3 is available now on PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

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